9 Questions to Ask Your Custom Software Development Company

The custom software development company you choose can make you break your project success. It is crucial to consider certain factors while achieving a great outsourcing relationship with your IT partner. Choosing the right custom software development company can benefit your business and also your customers.

As you start with the search process, you may get overwhelmed with countless options. You must analyze the skills rigorously for the right team of software developers and make the right decision. 

Here are 9 insightful questions you must ask your custom software development company to ensure the success of your project.

  1. What is your approach to project management?

Understand the company’s project management approach to make sure about the processes involved in the custom software development life cycle. Ask questions about how they run their operations, what kind of project management tools they use, do they incorporate agile methodologies. 

  1. How do you estimate the timelines for the custom software development project?

Around 25% of the custom software development projects don’t get launched promptly due to inaccurate estimations. It is a green flag if your custom software development company estimates a realistic project timeline and is known for keeping contract promises associated with timelines and deliverables. This helps you to plan ahead for your project while creating efficiencies.

  1. How many dedicated developers will handle my project?

The best customer software development has a pool of developers that can scale your entire project up or down according to the requirements. You can ask about the dedicated developer and the range of specifications they hold. A dedicated team can provide you with peace of mind while avoiding delays during the project launch.

  1. Which PM tools does your team use?

Nowadays, most of the companies use project management tools to streamline their operations while ensuring collaboration within the team. You can ask which PMs they use to track project status and for effective communication. It is vital to know how they achieve milestones and get team feedback. You can include project managers in the initial screening of the software development partner.

  1. Will you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with us?

Of course, privacy, and security of your business idea and data should be on the top priority. Many businesses suffer from cyber hacks while working with a third-party service provider. Thus, you should not be hesitant to ask your company about the security of your data. It is a green flag if your company is ready to sign the NDA document with you.

  1. What security practices do you follow while handling clients’ projects?

It’s important to ask about the security practices and measures your company follows while dealing with your software development project and rice security liability. Ask about the authorization standard, file sharing limit, access controls, device policies, and much more. These measures ensure that your business data and project code is secured.

  1. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Make sure that your custom software development company has a well-documented disaster recovery plan in case of any unexpected events. Ask for their plan in areas including, cloud storage, backup schedules, communication plan with clients, and disaster procedures.

  1. Can you share your references or portfolio of successful projects?

Checking the previous projects or asking for portfolio links to customer software development companies will give you a fair idea about the methodologies and work culture. Also, when they share references from previous clients, you will get real feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you make well-informed decisions.

  1. Will you incorporate thorough testing for the project?

Your software project should be thoroughly tested to be free from low-quality code and bugs. You should ask about their testing procedure and the feedback process. Also, ask for other strategies for change management before your project gets launched.

Considering all these questions will help you get a partnership with industry-leading customer software development companies. These questions can help you leverage the technical expertise, and transparency to meet your requirements.

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