A Breath of Fresh Air: Exploring the World of Vape for Smokers

Are You Smoking Cigarettes, but Want to Give up? If that is the case for you, vapes could provide an easier path towards quitting smoking than conventional cigarettes would ever provide. Vaping can often be seen as an electronic nicotine delivery system. You can also purchase disposable vapes in bulk.

What exactly is Vape?

Vaping defines inhaling the vapor produced from an electronic cigarette known as an e-cigarette or vape device. As opposed to regular cigarettes that rely on tobacco for production of smoke, e-cigarettes use battery powered heating elements in vape juice e-liquid and then breathed in as vapor to deliver nicotine without the hazardous by-products found in cigarettes such as toxic tar and chemical compounds found within cigarettes. Nic salts are the best one if you are a beginner.

Key Components of a Vape Device


Recharge your device. Most are rechargeable.


Warms liquid to produce vapor.


These beverages typically include nicotine, flavoring agents and additional components for flavor enhancement and to provide additional ingredients for use.


This component allows users to inhale inhalations of the vapor.

Key Differences Between Vaping and Cigarettes



E-liquids commonly include nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food-grade flavorings that provide flavorful nicotine delivery to users.

Low in chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes

No tar or carbon monoxide production; sans tobacco leaves and additional additives for flavor enhancement.

Health Impact

Smokeless tobacco produces tar, carbon monoxide, and thousands of chemicals when burned. Vaping generally presents less health risk than traditional cigarettes but still contains nicotine which is addictive. Long-term studies continue on these effects. 



The initial cost may be greater because of the cost to purchase vaping devices.

E-liquids are more affordable over time.


A constant recurring expense.

Sometimes, taxation is heavy and leads to higher costs.

Social and Environmental Impact


Creates smoke rather than vapor and disperses faster: it is less noticeable in scent.


Creates smoke, which can be harmful to the people around them through secondhand exposure.


What Are the Side Effects of Vaping? 

Side effects from vaping typically include dry mouth, throat irritation and coughing. Mild symptoms which typically resolve themselves after several uses. It may be prudent to visit their healthcare provider immediately.

How Can I Select an Appropriate Vape? 

Selecting the ideal vape device depends entirely upon your personal tastes and requirements; beginning vapers might opt for simple devices, like pod systems, while more experienced vapers could prefer advanced mods with customizable settings. It is always a good idea to visit a vape shop where knowledgeable staff members are on hand in order to find a device suitable to you. 

What Constitutes E-Liquid? (or E-Juice)? 

Typically speaking E-liquid contains four main ingredients (or components). These components typically consist of four elements (or subcomponents of E-Liquid). Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG): These base liquids create the vapor and flavoring, with Nicotine being optional (when desired) being an addictive component that mimics tobacco addiction; Flavorings include food grade additives which provide flavor enhancement.


Vaping provides smokers with an alternative that offers less harm, along with nicotine control, flavor variety and cost savings. Although vaping does carry risks of its own, it can serve as an invaluable aid for quitting smoking. 

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