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Hanne Norgaard is a British-American professional makeup artist, business woman and a writer. She is also known for being the ex-wife of actor Idris Elba. Makeup artists put in tireless effort to craft captivating trends that consistently captivate the fashion world. Figures like Hanne Norgaard have embraced this challenge and ventured into the thriving cosmetic industry, leveraging their expertise to create makeup lines. Beyond her talent, Hanne’s former marriage to a celebrity has also entrenched her in the entertainment scene.

Hanne Norgaard is widely recognized as the first wife of Idris Elba, a renowned English actor and DJ celebrated for his portrayals, including his remarkable performance as Nelson Mandela in the biopic “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” released in 2013.


Hanne Norgaard Wiki

Hanne Norgaard is a familiar figure in the American fashion scene, garnering international recognition for her contributions to the makeup industry. Known for her efforts in promoting self-confidence and embracing natural beauty across diverse races and ethnicities, she has earned acclaim for various campaigns. Although she currently maintains a lower profile in the media and on social networking sites, her impact in the makeup world remains strong, reflecting her significant self-value.

Personal Profile

Full nameHanne Kim Norgaard
Date of birth5th April 1977
Age47 years (as of May 2024)
Zodiac signAries
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
Sexual orientationStraight
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark brown
Height158 cm or 5’1″
Weight61 kg or 131 lbs
Body measurements34-28-35 inches or 86-71-89 cm
Marital statusMarried
SpousePastor Andrew L. Idris Elba (1999–2003), Friar II (as of 2013)
Children1 (Isan Elba)
ParentsKyue Nam Kim (mother)
ProfessionMakeup artist, businesswoman, writer
Famous asIdris Elba’s ex-wife
Net worth$900,000


Born on April 5, Hanne Norgaard spent his early years living in London. She will be 46 years old in 2024 and born under the sign of Aries. Although she identifies as black, she is a British national. Norgaard graduated from the International Artist Makeup Academy in London.

Throughout her career, Hanne Norgaard has collaborated with various movie production companies such as BBC TV shows and Columbia Tristar, and has also worked with brands like Calvin Klein and Sean Combs. While she initially pursued acting from a young age, her ex-husband’s prominence in the limelight diverted her focus. Subsequently, she transitioned into a successful career as a makeup artist.

Hanne Norgaard Education

From 2004 to 2006, Norgaard pursued her education at the SC Institute in Washington, DC, where she excelled in Makeup Artistry and graduated with a Diploma with the Highest Honors.

Subsequently, she furthered her studies at the International Makeup Academy in Europe, where she obtained a Diploma with the Highest Honors in Makeup, Hair, Nails, and Special Effects.

Hanne Norgaard Age

As of May 2024, Hanne Norgaard is 47 years old. He was born in the United Kingdom on April 5, 1977. Her varied maternal origin is credited with contributing to the richness of her mixed ethnicity. Her father has African ancestry, and her mother’s roots extend to South Korea.

Hanne Norgaard Nationality

Hanne Norgaard is a British citizen with a mixed African-Asian ethnicity. Her mother originates from South Korea, while her father is of African descent.

Hanne Norgaad Family

When it comes to discussing someone’s family, our thoughts often turn to their parents. However, Hanne Norgaard’s family story takes an interesting turn, as she was adopted by Danish parents.

Despite being adopted, Hanne felt a deep curiosity about her biological roots, prompting her to search for her birth parents. Through her quest, she discovered that her mother is of South Korean descent, while her father likely has African-American heritage, giving her a unique Afro-Asian background.

Hanne’s journey to uncover her origins led her to utilize platforms like Ancestry, through which she found information about her father but hit a dead end in her search for her mother. In 2018, she took to Instagram to share her quest, even visiting an orphanage in Korea, where she lived before being adopted.

While she gathered valuable insights about her mother from the orphanage, her search unfortunately continues, as her mother’s whereabouts remain elusive. Hanne once mentioned her mother’s name as Kyue Nam Kim, also known as Nam Hee Kim in Korean.

The specifics of her early life and siblings are still unknown, much like her mother. With only a few details of her childhood available, including the fact that she lived in South Korea, England, and the United States, Hanne is still somewhat of a mystery.

Hanne Norgaard Career

After completing her college education, Hanne kickstarted her career smoothly by securing positions in renowned companies like Columbia Tristar, BBC, Ralph Lauren, BET, Rolling Out, and Calvin Klein. Through these experiences, she immersed herself in the world of makeup and gained valuable industry insights. Inspired by her experiences, she continued her study at the International cosmetics Artist Academy in Europe, which helped her start Kim Elba Cosmetics, her own line of cosmetics.

Having worked in the beauty and cosmetics sector for more than 15 years, Hanne is now well-known. She has had the honor of working with a number of well-known celebrities, and among Europe’s socialites, performers, and Hollywood elite, she has gained respect as an accomplished professional. Her clientele includes notable names such as Chilli of TLC, Lyfe Jennings, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, Jenna Redgrave, Nigel Havers, Idris Elba, and Robin Williams.

Is Hanne Norgaard Married?

Is Hanne Norgaard Married?

Certainly! American makeup artist Hanne Norgaard is a thrice married man. Her first spouse was the well-known Idris Elba, also known as Idrissa Akuna Elba.

Idris, a well-known actor and star of television shows, was formerly a part of the London National Youth Theatre. After meeting in London, Hanne and Idris’s romance developed until they made the decision to immigrate to the US together in 1999. They exchanged vows shortly after their move.

Their daughter Isan Elba will be 20 in 2022. The day of her birth is January 12, 2002. Isan is becoming well-known in the entertainment industry by carrying on her father’s legacy. She plays Deja in the film Crimson Ties (2022).

Although Hanne and Idris separated a year after Isan’s birth and eventually divorced four years later, they have managed to maintain a friendly relationship and co-parent their daughter.

Hanne rediscovered love in 2013 and wed Pastor Andrew L. Friar II. Meanwhile, after only four months of marriage, Idris Elba and Sonya Nicole Hamlin’s 2006 second marriage ended in divorce. In 2017, Idris began dating Sabrina Dhowre, a Somali-Canadian model. Watching the Yardie movie at an East London theater on February 10, 2018, they announced their engagement. They were married in Marrakesh on April 26, 2019.

Hanne Norgaad Children

As per sources, Hanne has a lovely daughter named Isan Elba, whom she shares with her ex-husband Idris Elba. The specifics about Hanne’s children with Andrew are not disclosed, as discussed previously.

According to current information, Isan will be 21 in 2023. She entered the entertainment business, following in her father’s footsteps, hoping to make a name for herself as a director and actor.

Height, Weight & More

Ever wondered about Hanne Norgaard’s height? Well, she stands tall at 5 feet and 2 inches. Balancing her stature, she weighs approximately 61 kilograms. Let’s dive into the details of her body measurements – they clock in at 34-28-35 inches. When it comes to undergarments, her bra size is 33B, and for footwear, she comfortably fits into a size 6 (UK). Adding to her distinctive features, Hanne sports striking black hair and captivating dark brown eyes.

Hanne Norgaard’s Latest Updates

Idris Elba shared an amusing and candid moment from his relationship with his daughter, Isan Elba. It turns out, after Idris didn’t secure a role for Isan in a film, she gave him the silent treatment for a whopping three weeks. Eventually, Isan had her shot at an audition, coming close to snagging a role as one of her dad’s on-screen daughters in the movie Beast.

However, Idris confessed that despite the family connection, the chemistry just didn’t quite click for the movie. He humorously pointed out that the dynamic in the film and the real-life father-daughter relationship didn’t mesh well for the project.

Hanne Norgaad’s Health Issues 

During the Golden Globe Ambassador Luncheon in 2019, Isan courageously opened up about her mother’s mental health struggles to the public eye. Reports revealed that Norgaard has been diagnosed with chronic anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression.

Hanne Norgaad Net Worth

Hanne Norgaad Net Worth

Hanne Norgaard hasn’t revealed her precise net worth, although reports peg it around $900,000. Idris Elba, her ex-husband, on the other hand, is reportedly worth $40 million.

Hanne would rather remain out of the spotlight even though she works in the entertainment and cosmetics industries. Alongside managing her business endeavors, she fulfills the role of the first lady at her husband’s Heart Strong Church in Georgia.

Hanne Norgaad Social Media

Hanne Norgaard maintains a modest following of approximately 1.5k on Instagram, but she appears to be less active on Facebook and Twitter.

Final Verdicts

In summary, Hanne Norgaard, a British-American makeup artist and writer, has made waves in the beauty industry, championing self-confidence and natural beauty. Despite her ties to fame through her past marriage to actor Idris Elba, she’s carved her own path.

From acting aspirations to a flourishing career in makeup, Hanne’s journey reflects resilience and determination. Her marriage to Pastor Andrew L. Friar II and her daughter Isan’s budding career add layers to her story.

With a net worth around $900,000, Hanne balances her professional life with her role as a church’s first lady. Despite a modest social media presence, her impact in beauty and beyond is unmistakable.

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