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Formerly the spouse of well-known American comedian and actor Rob Schneider, Helena Schneider wed in 2002 but tragically divorced him after just three years. Information regarding Helena’s personal life is comparatively limited since she cherishes her privacy.

In this chat, I’ll share some insights into Helena Schneider’s life, including her background, age, family, movie experiences, nationality, net worth, and other interesting tidbits. Let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at her profile.

Personal Profile

Full NameHelena Schneider
Age53 years old
Date of Birth1971
Birthplace/HometownUnited States of America
SexualityHeterosexual (Straight)
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign)Unknown
Height (in feet)5 feet 5 inches
Height (in centimeters)165 cm
Weight (in pounds)121 lbs
Weight (in kilograms)55 kg
Biceps SizeUpdate soon
Shoe Size in US6.5
Eye ColorLight
Hair ColorBlonde
Relationship StatusDivorced
Dating HistoryPreviously dated Rob Schneider

Helena Schneider Biography

Since her spectacular arrival into the world in 1971, Helena Schneider has rocked 53 years of life experience.

Born into a loving family in the charming town of Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), Helena, also known as Helena Houdova, had the good fortune to grow up immersed in love. Her early years had the charm of a happy childhood all over them. While we’re in the know about Helena, the details about any siblings are still a bit of a mystery – it’s like unraveling a family tale that keeps you guessing. But hey, maybe she’s the cherished solo act in her parents’ story.

Helena Schneider Career

Helena is widely known for her role as a rock singer, achieving fame with her single “Rock N’ Roll Gypsy.” Despite this musical success, she continues to be a bit of a mystery, choosing to keep her current activities and whereabouts under wraps.

Unfortunately, information about Helena’s career or professional journey, whether before or during her marriage to Rob Schneider, is notably scarce. Her past professional endeavors remain undisclosed, leaving us to wonder about the unique path that led her to become a rock singer.

What stands out prominently in Helena’s life is her dedication to privacy. She has opted for the privacy of a low-key life away from the constant attention of the media and has chosen not to reveal any possible difficulties she has had in her personal or professional life.

It’s important to note that Helena Schneider and Rob Schneider did not have children together throughout their three years of marriage. Furthermore, there’s no indication that she has children from other relationships, adding to the layers of privacy surrounding her personal life.

Helena Schneider Husband

The 53-year-old Helena Houdova led a quite quiet life until meeting the one and only Rob Schneider.

Born on October 31, 1963, Rob Schneider is more than simply a name on a screen. He’s the clever screenwriter, comic, and humorous man from Saturday Night Live. His films, like “Martins Go Home,” “Necessary Roughness,” and “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” had us in stitches. Unbelievably, he’s currently hitting the big 6-0.

So, Helena and Rob’s love story began back in 2001. Sparks flew, and they didn’t waste any time. The following year, surrounded by close friends and family, they said their “I dos.”

Initially, things seemed smooth sailing for the couple. But, you know, life isn’t a rom-com. As the years rolled on, issues started bubbling up. Rob’s crazy schedule and acting commitments took up most of his time, leaving Helena with not much of him. It’s the classic tale of a busy career meets a less demanding job, and the result? Regular arguments and disagreements.

Sadly, the love story hit a snag, and in 2005, Helena and Rob announced their separation. The last public glimpse of them together? That was during the premiere of Rob’s movie, “Deuce Bigalow.”

Though it’s important to note that Rob has two daughters from a prior chapter of his life, Helena and Rob decided against having children. Because life is full of unexpected turns, this couple’s narrative took a turn that neither of them could have foreseen.

Helena Schneider Children

While Helena and Robert did not have any children together, Robert has a daughter named Elle King from his previous marriage to an English model. Despite the end of their marriage, Helena and Elle share a close relationship, often appearing together at public events. Their bond remains strong even after the divorce.

Helena Schneider Height & Weight

Standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighing in at around 50 kg, she hails from the United States of America.

Rob Used To Frequently Discuss Helena In Interviews

Even though the comedian Rob Schneider was generally private about his marriage to Helena, he did share some insights into their relationship during interviews. In a 2002 interview with the Michigan Daily, he candidly said that the thrill of his new marriage had influenced his life during the filming of “Hot Chick.” It was obvious that he was smitten with her at that moment.

In another interview, Rob playfully pondered whether his relationship with Helena had added to his life experiences. This lighthearted moment occurred during a chat with the Australian magazine “Female.” With a hint of humor, he quipped, “I don’t think my wife would agree with that at all, but I’d like to think so.”

Rob humorously shared his attempts to please his wife, recounting her response, “Why bother trying when you can just do it?” Despite the understanding of humor, he added, “if you’re lucky, you’ll be perpetually baffled by it for the rest of your life.”

These glimpses into Rob Schneider’s conversations and interactions with Helena offer an entertaining and charming perspective on their relationship, highlighting his dedication to her happiness.

Did Helena Schneider Remarry?

After the divorce, Helena gracefully exited the spotlight, shedding the label of the actor’s ex-wife.

Meanwhile, Rob took a leap of faith in love and tied the knot with TV producer Patricia Azarcoya in 2011.

Opting for a life of simplicity, Helena decided to keep a low profile after the divorce, steering clear of the public eye.

Despite her private lifestyle, she made a rare appearance in 2005 at the premiere of the movie “Deuce Bigalow.”

Helena Schneider Net Worth

Her occupation remains a mystery, making it tricky to estimate her earnings. While there might have been some financial settlement from her divorce, the exact details are unknown. According to certain sources, she was reported to have an approximate net worth of $2 million around the time of her divorce.

In contrast, her former husband, Rob Schneider, boasts a net worth of $15 million, amassed through his successful acting career.

Where Is Helena Schneider Now?

Rob’s life has taken a new turn since parting ways with Helena. He’s found joy in building a fresh family and navigating the journey of a new chapter. However, his ex-wife Helena has taken a more subdued route, preferring to live hidden from prying eyes in the public.

Whether you want it or not, attention follows when you tie the knot with someone in the spotlight. Helena experienced this firsthand as Rob’s spouse. But after the divorce, she made the decision to live a quieter, more private life.

It is not unusual for ex-spouses to establish their own successful public personas in the world of celebrities. But Helena seems to defy that norm. She’s mastered the art of living life away from the constant public scrutiny, choosing a path less traveled.

A rare glimpse into her public life occurred in 2005 at the premiere of “Deuce Bigalow,” where she made an appearance alongside her husband and stepdaughter Elle. Despite such moments, Helena seems to treasure the simple joys of a life that doesn’t always demand the spotlight.


Helena Schneider, former spouse of comedian Rob Schneider, has chosen a private life post-divorce. Remaining elusive, she made a rare appearance in 2005, embracing a low-key existence away from the spotlight. Her journey highlights the simplicity found in privacy.

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