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Mary Joan Martelly is probably most recognized as the spouse of the renowned boxer George Foreman. Mary Joan stood by Foreman’s side, providing unwavering support behind the scenes, even when he made waves in the boxing world throughout the 1970s and shockingly reclaimed the heavyweight championship title in 1994 at the astounding age of 45.

Despite her years of preferring to remain anonymous, Mary Joan Martelly has an incredible life story filled with triumph over adversity and achievement. Her humble beginnings on the Caribbean island country of St. Lucia served as a springboard for her humanitarian endeavors, which have significantly improved the lives of countless people and made her imprint on the globe.

Personal Profile

NameMary Joan Martelly
Date of BirthMay 17, 1963
Age60 years old
Birth PlaceMon Repos, St. Lucia
Marital StatusMarried
Husband’s NameGeorge Foreman
NationalitySt. Lucia
Father’s NameNot Known
Mother’s NameUnknown
Weight58 kg
Height5.3 feet
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Mary Joan Martelly Age & Family

Mary Joan Martelly Age & Family

Mary Joan Martelly was born in the charming hamlet of Mon Repos on the breathtaking Caribbean island of St. Lucia on May 17, 1963. Mary’s father died when she was forty-four, leaving her and her siblings in difficult financial circumstances. The family consisted of seven girls and two boys. To help support the family, Mary and her siblings worked in restaurants, clothing factories, and even babysitting. She learned the value of perseverance and hard effort from these experiences at an early age.

Early Life

Specific details about Mary Joan Martelly’s early life and upbringing in St. Lucia are hard to come by. However, what is clear is that she encountered significant financial hardships during her formative years. Martelly put in a lot of effort at work as the family’s primary provider in order to make ends meet. From these early setbacks, she cultivated a toughness and determination that would serve her well later on.

With little opportunities in St. Lucia, a young Martelly made the courageous decision to emigrate in quest of a brighter future. She left behind everything she knew and traveled to a foreign nation. Mary Joan had to start over in a foreign country, but her strong work ethic made it easier for her to settle in right away.


Mary Joan Martelly was born in the charming hamlet of Mon Repos on the breathtaking Caribbean island of St. Lucia on May 17, 1963. Mary’s father died when she was forty-four, leaving her and her siblings in difficult financial circumstances. The family consisted of seven girls and two boys. To help support the family, Mary and her siblings worked in restaurants, clothing factories, and even babysitting. She learned the value of perseverance and hard effort from these experiences at an early age.


As a young girl, Mary Joan had a real passion for sports. She was known to play on a school sports team, dreaming of one day going pro. But her plans took a different turn after her father passed away. To help support her family, she had to put her sports dreams on hold and find work. Reports suggest she worked in both a factory and a restaurant back home before eventually making her way to the United States to work as a nanny.

Not much is known about her time in the U.S. until she crossed paths with and started dating George Foreman.

Career and Contributions

Works in Philanthropy

Mary Joan made the decision to stay mostly out of the spotlight during George Foreman’s storied boxing career, providing her husband with steadfast support without chasing attention. But she discovered her own vocation in philanthropy, especially in AIDS awareness-raising.

During the 1990s, Mary Joan took on the role of spokesperson for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Alongside George, they established the “Foreman Family AIDS Foundation,” aiming to provide financial assistance and aid to both AIDS patients and advocacy groups worldwide. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as Mary Joan was honored with the UNICEF Children’s Champion Award in 1995, recognizing her significant humanitarian contributions.

Commercial Projects

As George Foreman’s fame skyrocketed with the success of the George Foreman Grill, Mary Joan played a vital role behind the scenes. While George was in the spotlight promoting his various ventures, Mary Joan took charge of managing the family’s affairs. She handled the household finances, organized George’s public appearances, and looked after their five children.

Despite preferring to stay out of the limelight herself, those who know the Foreman family well confirm that Mary Joan played a crucial role in managing their brand, especially the Foreman Grills and George Foreman boxing. Her sensible decision-making and discretion were instrumental in steering George through his second wave of fame as a successful businessman.

Is Mary Joan Martelly Married?

Is Mary Joan Martelly Married?

After experiencing four unsuccessful marriages, George Foreman found lasting love with his fifth wife, Mary Joan Martelly, tying the knot on March 27, 1985. This came after his marriage to his fourth wife, Andrea Skeete, ended earlier that year. According to reports, Foreman and Martelly got together when he was still legally wed to his former spouse. After his divorce was finalized, they decided to be married after dating for approximately a year.

Together, they raised five children: daughters Leola and Natalie, and sons George IV (known as the Ferris Wheel), George V (known as Red), and George VI (known as little Joey). Foreman also has seven other children from previous marriages and two adopted children. His other biological sons are George Jr. and George III, while his daughters are Michi, Freeda, and Georgetta, and his adopted children are Isabella Brenda Lilja Foreman and Courtney Isaac Foreman.

Martelly and her family have chosen to maintain a private life away from the media spotlight. However, in 2008, they briefly stepped into the public eye with their participation in the six-episode reality show called “Family Foreman,” which offered viewers a glimpse into Foreman’s life as a father and as a fighter.

Height, Weight & More

Mary Joan Martelly had a weight of 58 kilograms and stood at a height of 5.3 feet. She possessed beautiful brown eyes and had luscious black hair that added to her natural charm.

Family Misfortune

In 2009, Mary Joan and the entire Foreman family faced a devastating loss. Their daughter, Leola, tragically passed away at the young age of 31 due to cancer. This profound loss put a strain on George and Mary Joan’s marriage, but ultimately, it brought them closer together, as George later revealed.

During this incredibly difficult time, Mary Joan showed remarkable strength for her family, drawing strength from her faith to cope with the pain. After going through a period of mourning, she became deeply involved in cancer research foundations, channeling her grief into efforts to help others facing similar struggles. Many people attribute Mary Joan’s grace and generosity amidst the tragedy as a significant inspiration for George’s decision to become an ordained minister shortly thereafter.

Health Issues

In recent times, Mary Joan has been confronting her own health struggles. While specifics aren’t widely known, George has mentioned that his wife is dealing with diabetes and hypertension. Despite these challenges, Mary Joan continues to face them with her characteristic determination and dignity.

Her health battles have deepened George’s admiration for her strength. Even though George himself is known for his physical vigor well into his older years, he acknowledges leaning on Mary Joan’s resilience during tough times. Going through illness together has strengthened their bond, drawing them even closer as they support each other through these shared trials.

Living a Quiet Life in Houston

Living a Quiet Life in Houston

Beyond the flashy lights and glamor, Mary and George have deliberately opted for a more low-key lifestyle in Houston. Their mutual dedication to family values and the happiness of their children is clear in their choice to shield their personal lives from the media circus. Despite George’s fame, they’ve created a sanctuary of normalcy, fostering an atmosphere where their family can flourish with love and encouragement.


In many ways, Mary Joan Martelly’s journey mirrors quintessential American themes. As an immigrant escaping hardships abroad, she arrived with nothing but her unwavering determination and strong character. Through her talents and relentless efforts in building her family, Mary Joan realized the dreams she had envisioned.

While her Wikipedia page may primarily redirect to the extensive legacy of her legendary husband, George, Mary Joan Martelly’s own impact is unmistakable. With quiet strength, she lifted her family and community at every opportunity. Both publicly and privately, she dedicated herself to philanthropic endeavors. In the end, Mary Joan Foreman lived out the quintessential American Dream that her native St. Lucia had promised its children was only achievable abroad.

Despite the fame and attention garnered by her husband, who transitioned from boxing champion to successful entrepreneur, Mary Joan Martelly never sought the limelight. She found fulfillment in a life enriched by family, faith, and personal accomplishment. While many remember George Foreman as a public figure, to Mary Joan, he’s simply the love of her life, cherished beyond the public eye. For all that George Foreman symbolizes to the world, Mary Joan Martelly embodies that and much more to her beloved husband.

The Pediatric AIDS Campaign

Mary and George’s dedication to the fight against pediatric AIDS truly showcases their commitment to making a positive impact. Their involvement went beyond mere publicity; they actively participated in hands-on volunteer work. They were acknowledged for their significant contributions to the cause in 2007 when they were given joint awards at the ‘A World of Friends Fighting AIDS’ event. This is a potent reminder of the ways in which public figures may leverage their platform to really alter society for the better.

Net Worth

Despite gracefully maintaining a private and understated lifestyle, details regarding Mary Joan Martelly’s professional pursuits and financial status remain elusive. Regretfully, her financial situation has not been well-explained by sources or internet platforms, generating conjecture about her net worth.

Net Worth

According to various estimations, Mary Joan Martelly’s net worth as of 2024 would be close to $500,000. However, given the paucity of precise information on her financial status, it’s critical to recognize the ambiguity around this number.

The well-known George Foreman, her hubby, is extremely wealthy, on the other hand. The staggering $300 million was George Foreman’s declared net worth in the beginning of 2021. In addition to his considerable influence in the ring, the great boxer has dabbled in a variety of business ventures and endorsements, all of which have contributed to his noteworthy financial success.

Final Verdicts

In summary, Mary Joan Martelly’s life is a remarkable story of resilience and quiet strength. Despite facing hardships, she found purpose in philanthropy, particularly in AIDS awareness. Her legacy is defined by her steadfast devotion to her family and her desire to have a good influence. She continues to be an inspiration despite facing hardships in her life and tragedies; she embodies the genuine meaning of the American Dream and the strength of love.

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