PCB Fabrication in India: Quality and Innovation at Its Best

At Lion Circuits, we have immense pride in being among the leading companies that specialise in the PCB  fabrication India. Today, our nation has become a significant electronic product manufacturing destination, and PCB fabrication is one of the critical factors behind this growth. In this blog, we will explore what kind of fibreglass board manufacturing is prevalent in India, the quality standards, new developments, and the strengths which makes our nation prominent in this field.

Quality: The foundation of Excellence 

Quality is something that is highly valued in the PCB fabrication industry, and it is one of the Company’s most important values. It is thus appreciated that even minor variations of the PCB can have large repercussions as it often influences the functionality as well as dependability of electronics. Due to this, we follow strict quality control measures and ensure them are enforced at every fabrication process.

High-quality production lines embrace latest technologies to maintain efficient and effective flow of components while production. Even in the microscopy of the manufacture it involves inspection of the raw materials, which goes up to the testing and can eliminate such things as defects and variations. This is in conformity with best practices that we observe in relation to standards like IPC-A-600, IPC-6012 and other recognized standards.

In addition, all the employees of our company are well-trained and possess necessary certification to work in compliance with all best industry practices and to be capable to implement the key principles of the quality management systems. We follow the policy of kaizen – all administrative and technical processes within the enterprise’s activities are critically evaluated and improved for the sake of reaching greater levels of quality and performance.

Innovative approaches and capabilities 

Widespread adoption of new ideas have been the key to success for the Indian PCB fabrication industry and at Lion Circuits, we are committed to applying these principles to our work. To reinforce our competitive advantage, we hired only the most accomplished engineers and designers who consistently seek out innovative and sophisticated PCB manufacturing methods.

We can say that we stand out, for instance, in production of High-Density-Interconnects or HDI PCBs. Advanced PCBs include those with high-density designs of circuitry and interconnections to allow miniaturisation, increased system density, and higher capabilities of electronics products. HDI PCBs are made using the most advanced technologies, and Lion Circuits has made a serious investment into acquiring the equipment and mastering the technologies used in creating them.

In the production of flex and rigid-flex PCBs, we excel as well, as it is an area of specialisation that sets us apart from our competitors. These types of PCBs provide countless special benefits that can include better dependability, integrated designs, and higher flexibility. The manufacturing of flex and rigid-flex PCBs require complex operations and our team has fine-tuned the techniques that are vital to deliver high quality and performance products.

As well as the features of manufacturing, we also developed our knowledge of design as our strength. The designers of LogiLink Design have many years of experience and they work in close cooperation with our customers, offering the full range of design for manufacturing services. Customers can also benefit from it because the designs we provide them will be suitable for manufacturing, therefore, will not take much time or cause complications during the production phase.

Serving diverse Industries 

The Indian PCB fabrication industry now services numerous sectors, and at Lion Circuits, we understand the peculiarities of different industries thus placing us in a position to provide adequate solutions. Used across various industries such as aviation and space, telecommunications, automotive, and consumer electronics, our PCBs are relied on by global market leaders.

Our Aerospace & Defense PCBs demand reliability and durability and as such, have to pass through specified certification tests. We also meet the requirements of various military and aerospace specifications like MIL-PRF-31032 and assure reliability of our devices performing under harsh non-ideal environmental conditions required for multiple military and aerospace applications.

The Vehicle Industry is another area where we have great strength. In this period, with the incorporation of sophisticated electronics in automobiles, there has been a requirement to enhance the production of PCBs. DynaurTM has developed high-quality automotive PCBs that are engineered to endure rough conditions such as temperature variations, vibrations, and electromagnetic exposure. As a company that deals with electronics manufacturing, we provide tailor-made PCB solutions for companies operating in the highly dynamic sector such as the telecommunications sector to design and develop communication systems with advanced technologies. Downstream procedures such as HDI and high-frequency PCBs are critical components in supporting 5G infrastructure to transmit data safely and at high speeds.

Further, the consumer electronics sector is also within our portfolio that deals with products that have relatively short life cycles and timing is more vital in the market. Our technology is suitable for quick-turn prototypes, small lots, and the pace of fashion design since it is expected that current trends will keep changing and thus requires flexibility to produce compelling designs.

Commitment to Sustainability

It is important for Lion Circuits to undertake manufacturing practices that are friendly to the environment and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. In this arena, we have to come up with measures of practising efficient environmental management that will help in cutting down on the use of carbon, conserving the natural resources and placing the management of our waste into efficient mechanisms.

In another aspect, we ensure that our manufacturing processes are as energy friendly as possible by embracing the best technologies and efficient production methods that require little energy as possible. We also accost the use of environmentally sensitive materials and chemicals in the running of our business to the lowest possible extent.

Furthermore, waste management programs, especially on dangerous wastes, have also been strengthened in order to observe the precautionary measures that are required. These consist of; recycling and waste minimization which assist us in achieving the targets on the creation of absolute reduction in wastes that harm the world we inhabit.


Over the last few years the Indian PCB fabrication industry has grown at an excellent pace and is worth its place among the best in the world. For us at Lion Circuits, it is greatly rewarding to be an active participant in this rapidly evolving field – we provide our clients with only the best products that can compete even with the most advanced industries’ standards. Quality, innovation, and sustainability are core values, and never has this been truer than in the highly competitive market landscape. By leveraging modern production capabilities, qualified employees and total commitment to our customer needs, we are ready for future endeavors and will make further strides to continue development of electronics manufacturing industry in India.

Do you need high end specialty PCBs for aerospace, automobile, telecommunication or, consumer electronics industries? Remember Lion Circuits, we offer high quality specialty PCBs and unique solutions with best services. Come and be a part of this exciting path as we at PCBM continue to innovate on the PCB fabrication and help in the growth of amazing India in this strategically important sector.

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