When You Should Take The Services Of A Hot Water System Installer?

Having a reliable supply of hot water is a necessity in any home. From comfortable showers to washing dishes, hot water makes life more convenient. When your hot water system needs repair, replacement, or installation, hiring a professional is highly recommended. Plumbing and electrical work can seem straightforward, but there are safety risks and complex specifications involved in hot water system setups. 

Licenced hot water installers have the expertise to size, select, and configure the optimal system for your home’s needs while ensuring proper functionality, energy-efficiency and integration with existing utilities. This article explores the key times when it pays to utilize a hot water system installer like Same Day Hot Water Service rather than trying a DIY job.

When Replacing an Existing System 

Replacing a hot water unit requires disconnecting from plumbing lines, removing the old unit, installing new components properly, and ensuring safe and efficient operation. A professional installer has the expertise to specify the correctly sized unit, make plumbing connections to code, calibrate thermostats, check for leaks, and test that anti-scald valves, pressure relief valves, and other safety features are functioning. This experience ensures optimum performance and longevity.

When Adding a New System

Bringing hot water to a new part of your home often requires running all new gas lines or electrical wiring as well as plumbing. A professional hot water installer has the background to determine optimal location given space constraints, choose the most cost-efficient type of unit, and properly install all connections to code requirements. Their oversight ensures safety, compliance, and ideal setup for your needs.

For a Tankless System 

Tankless hot water heaters provide on-demand constant hot water but require very precise installation to work effectively. Subpar setup leads to lukewarm water or weakened flow strength. Professional tankless hot water installers have experience determining proper tankless unit sizing taking into account home size, bathrooms, potential flow use across multiple faucets, incoming groundwater temperature and correcting common installation mistakes that homeowners often make. Their expertise ensures your tankless system delivers the constant supply of hot water you expect. 

For a Solar System 

Solar hot water heaters save money and energy but involve specialized components and configurations for harnessing the sun’s energy. A solar hot water professional installer can advise which type makes sense for your climate and hot water usage needs, properly size solar collection panels and solar storage tanks, determine optimal roof mounting for maximum sunlight exposure as well as properly integrate solar backup heating for times when sunlight is limited. Their solar expertise ensures maximum cost and energy savings.


While DIY hot water heater installation seems straightforward enough, leaving it to the professionals ensures your new or replacement system is sized, configured and integrated for optimal safety, efficiency, savings and performance. Their code compliance, leakage protection, and functionality testing give you peace of mind. Be sure to hire a licensed, insured hot water pro for any new installations, system replacements or integrations with alternative energy sources like solar panels to get it right the first time.

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