Boost Your Ecommerce Sales: 6 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Implement

Social media has grown to be one of the most effective ways of advertising for retailers, and Instagram is no exception. Promoting your business on Instagram is all about interacting with your followers and getting impressions for your brand. 

Building a loyal customer base on Instagram can significantly boost a brand’s growth. This refers to the increase in gross sales or revenue –  a promising prospect that can drive substantial growth for any business. 

However, the quality of the content, purposeful content calendar, ads, and analytics should be the basics of your Instagram marketing. Below in this blog, we’ll take a look at five more strategies for not only growing your audience but also encouraging it to buy.

  1. Gain Loyalty from Your Followers

The primary goal of any eCommerce brand’s marketing on Instagram must depend on the number of followers who are willing to spend. So, it’s best to focus on your Instagram followers, their buying habits, and their interests and preferences. 

What’s more, if you buy Instagram followers from a trusted resource, you can also make your existing audience and buyers more sure about your eCommerce brand’s credibility. As a result, they will become your loyal customers and recommend more and more followers toward your Instagram business account.

  1. Leverage the Power of Shopping Tags

Tags greatly help brands share products with consumers and encourage consumers to purchase the products. Each tag includes the name, price, and the link to an item. After tapping it, a prospect can go to the next page, which contains details, other similar products, and a URL that leads to an online store. 

In addition to posts, tags can also be included in Stories, Reels, and IGTV videos, including the live ones and the Guides. By utilizing Instagram Checkout, brands can make shopping even more convenient and accessible for consumers. 

This feature allows people to purchase items within the app and make payments with Facebook Pay, simplifying the buying process and empowering you to provide a seamless shopping experience.

To create an Instagram Shop, you need to meet a few basic requirements, one of which is having a business profile on Facebook. They will be linked, and Instagram will pull all the required data from the store’s catalog associated with FB.

  1. Prioritize Videos More Than Images

The future of Instagram marketing is leaning towards videos over pictures. As Instagram algorithms are expected to undergo significant changes, incorporating videos into your content strategy today is crucial. Let’s explore the potential of videos to engage your followers. 

  • Stories: backstage, teasers, new releases;
  • Reels: change of outfit; then and now; rumors or reality;
  • Live streaming: lessons, painting, drawing, exhibits, talks, and discussions.

Refrain from marketing your product and directing viewers to your merchandise in every single video. Perfect quality educational and entertaining videos introduce your company to followers and make it trusted and wholesome for them even before they buy from you. This means that the level of consumers’ desire to make a purchase rises proportionally.

  1. Generate Value-driven Content 

Creating value-driven content plays an essential role in the marketing mix of your e-commerce Instagram account. The term value-driven content refers to any content that is created and shared by your followers and customers about a brand or product. 

If your followers share photos and images posted on your business account, you not only foster a friendly and open-minded brand but also recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions of your customers. 

  • Fostering a friendly and open-minded brand – When people view your content posted on your Instagram more open-minded, appreciative, and close to the customers, it will gain more trust and customer retention. 
  • Introducing brand advocates – Being recognized on Instagram by a well-known brand is flattering, for sure. Keep in mind that grateful customers are likely to stick around and become loyal. 
  • Getting more followers — People are becoming more interested in uploading shots taken with your products after seeing them in posts and Stories. By posting those shots, you may raise the percentage of followers that mention you and produce fresh, insightful content.
  • Diversifying content – By including bright and vibrant user postings, you may build an optimistic and inspirational feed, resulting in more followers and more reach.
  1. Collaborate with Relevant Bloggers & Influencers

Your interaction with bloggers and influencers has always been crucial to your Instagram marketing activity in the eCommerce environment. 

  • New Audience – Bloggers and influencers on Instagram help to gain more followers naturally.
  • Give Value to Your Audience – In many cases, Instagram bloggers and influencers have an incredible attitude towards your Instagram-integrated eCommerce brand and its products. It’s a perfect opportunity for it to leave a second positive impression on the audience.
  • Qualitative Audience – If your influencer or blogger is an expert in some field, they have an audience who already knows what and where to buy products.

That is why there has been a tendency towards inviting micro-influencers in recent years among the brands with their presence on Instagram and other social media platforms. Moreover, be mindful of collaborating with micro-influencers who do not have millions of subscribers but those who do have loyal ones.

  1. Schedule Time to Engage with Your Followers

To attract the audience to read, enjoy, and share it, more than posting appealing content is required. When it comes to a social media platform such as Instagram, UGC forms the basis of all interactions. People also expect replies from their favorite brands and creators that they follow on Instagram to their posts. 

Don’t underestimate the power of engaging with your audience. Your followers are your potential customers, and their comments and queries should be acknowledged and replied to within a specific timeframe daily. This shows that you value their interaction and care about their needs. 

If your eCommerce store is experiencing a significant volume of sales, it’s time to consider a strategic shift. Integrating customer service with your social media marketing can be a game-changer, enhancing your ability to please your target audience. 

Designate a couple of dedicated staff members to handle support requests on the social channel, and watch your customer satisfaction soar.

Wrapping Up

A wide range of people come to Instagram to get motivated, to find and make new friends, and to explore new products to buy. Having an integrated e-commerce store with Instagram, you can offer a perfect shopping window, which will increase your audience and boost sales. 

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