New To Painting? Here Are Five Essential Painting Supplies You Should Have In Your Arsenal

Creative expressionism is one of the best ways of cutting through all life’s difficulties. And one of the best ways to embrace this is with the help of painting. It’s one of the most calming activities, with each brushstroke bringing life to your imagination while melting the worries of everyday life. However, while it may seem inviting, you cannot venture into this field of expressionism with the right supplies. So, look at the five essential supplies you need to start your painting journey.


When looking for painting supplies, you should start with paints. Your choice will be detrimental to your artwork. Start with acrylics as they are more affordable than oils and easy to manoeuvre, which is excellent for beginners. As you work on your skills more and more, you can jump to watercolours. They will help refine your artistic prowess much more effectively. After that, you can ship to oils. They will align well with your creative prowess, and you can efficiently work with them without feeling less competent.


Again, these supplies are crucial to the entire artistic process. For beginners, varied options like hog brushes, hogs’ hair brushes, and bristle brushes are ideal since they come with long handles and tend to hold onto a lot of paint. This makes drawing easy and reduces the need to dip into the palette repeatedly. When buying brushes, be bold and spend a lot of money since you want to avoid ending up with brushes that splay after some time. Also, you can use synthetic brushes if you wish to work solely with acrylics. They are ideal for acrylic artwork and can be easily used for glazing and subtle blending.


The canvas on which you will lay the groundwork for your art is crucial and should definitely be on your art supplies list. Non-porous canvases will do just fine for beginners, especially when using acrylics. Once you start using canvases, the rule of what option to use ends as you become much more knowledgeable and can effectively use any type according to your preference. Also, when buying canvases, try to spend the right amount of money that does not break your bank but also gets you the best possible product. After all, compromising in this aspect can directly affect your art for better or worse.


While painting, you need all the colours required within your hand’s reach. And this is where the beauty of the palette lies. It effectively holds all the colours in separate pockets, which prevents mixing and helps you work without having to reach for tubes. Modern options also come with handles and separate mixing spaces. This lets you hold on to the palette for a long time without causing muscle fatigue. The separate mixing space can help you develop a new hue when needed, cutting down any hassle on your way to artistic expressionism.


When you buy a canvas, you cannot immediately jump on it and start painting. If you do so, the colour will seep in through the pores of the canvas and cause the threads to rot, which can eventually destroy the beauty of the art piece. This is where gessos come in. They help in preparing the surface of the canvas in such a way that the colour sticks quite nicely onto the surface. It also reduces the chances of the paint seeping in through the canvas, thus protecting the art piece from any damage.

Finding the right painting supplies is essential for beginners who are thinking of entering the immersive world of painting. From trustworthy brushes to vibrant and beautiful paints, each of these supplies plays a specific role that will make your artistic journey much more enjoyable. So, since you know what you need for painting, get hold of them and take your first step towards a creative tomorrow. 

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