Top 6 Family Overlanding Destinations in Texas 

Want to spend vacations well and are looking for an overlanding adventure in Texas? Well, Texas has no shortage of overlanding destinations. But unsure of where to begin your journey? No worries, in this blog, we will reveal the top 6 destinations for overlanding destinations along with family overlanding trip that will make your vacation memorable!

Let’s begin with a list of exciting destinations to make your vacation amazing:

Best Overlanding Destination in Texas

Here are a few of the most talked about overlanding destinations of Texas:

1. Mustang Island State Park: A Year-Round Tourist Spot

If you love to enjoy the serene beauty of beaches with your partner or with your family, then this can be a riveting option for you. It is a barrier island that is 18 miles long on the Texas coast and is great for camping on the beach and beachcombing. The beach is home to turtles, dolphins, birds, and many more, and it has become a center of attraction, especially for children.

It has covered all the essentials that you may seek during your vacation, like,

  •  Availability of drinking water
  • Cold-water bathing showers in summers
  • Portable Toilets
  • Accessibility to hot water during winters
  • Restrooms for relaxing

You should consider this destination if you are seeking educational and nature-related family overlanding adventures.

2. River Road: Perfect for Daring Adventure Lovers

The 51-mile stretched river road at the southern part of the Big Bend National Park, which connects Rio Grande Village and Castolon, is a loving spot for car-driving lovers. Due to rough conditions, especially in summer, you might need to drive from start to finish.

The road follows the Rio Grande but is often far away from the river, your destination. You cannot see the river unless you decide to stay in one of the nearby campsites. You can explore the river road and stay in the primitive campsites for extended days, but this requires permission from the concerned government officials.

3. Bolivia Peninsula: A Riveting Option for Beach-Lovers

Texas has no scarcity of beach spots for beach lovers. The Bolivia Peninsula is a narrow stretch of land in Galveston, which divides the eastern bay of Galveston from the Gulf of Mexico. A serene view of coastal waters is visible during 27 miles of drivable shortlines.

It is one of the perfect overlandings for kids, as it is a great spot to enjoy swimming, surfing, and picnicking with the family. Families who love to enjoy the scene from sunrise to beautiful reddish sunset across the river must visit this one of the perfect family overlanding adventures

4. Sam Houston National Forest

One of the best overlanding destinations in Texas is the Sam Houston National Forest, which is situated 50 miles north of Houston. It covers a wide area of 163037 acres across various countries like Montgomery, Walker, San Jacinto, etc. 

 However, you cannot go for personal camping here; you are only allowed to walk long distances and witness the serene beauty. There are special areas reserved for the recreational activities of the tourists, such as: 

  • Cagle Recreation Area: It is located on Lake Conroe and has full-service hook-ups, hiking trails, and recreational activities. 
  • Double Lake Recreation Area: It Offers camping and recreational activities.
  • Stubblefield Recreation Area: Available on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Old Ore OHV Road

Big Bend National Park is full of exciting nature views and spots. One such amazing spot is Old Ore Road, which is a 27-mile-long trail near Terlingua. It often has very few tourists, and therefore, you can enjoy your privacy. However, it is a great spot for off-roading and horse riding. 

On average, it may take you half a day to complete your journey. The road is not very tough, and there are only a few bumps that make it safe to drive. 

6. Barnwell Recreation Area

The organization Texas Motorized Trails Coalition(TMTC) manages the Barnwell recreation area, which is situated at the top of the Barnwell Mountains in East Texas. This recreational spot was opened in 2000 and has a wide range of 27 miles of trail. It is a perfect spot for family overlanding adventure and off-roading enthusiasts. 

The best part is that it provides a variety of capable vehicles, including dirt bikes, UTVs, and OHVs. The landscape includes accessible roads, rutted trails, steep hills, and rugged, muddy paths, which makes it one of the best overlanding destinations in Texas.


Everyone would love to enjoy their vacations the way they want. However, few of us who love overlanding adventures look for the perfect adventures aligned with our interests. Texas has no paucity of such amazing adventurous spots that make it a tourist attraction. This blog was a guide to such attractive overlanding destinations in Texas, that would make your vacations unforgettable for sure.

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