Top Family-Friendly Fun Activities to Do in Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a great year-round destination. You may walk in the summer, ski and snowboard in the winter, or watch the leaves change in the fall with your family here. From toddlers to loud adolescents, Scottsdale provides outdoor activities, inside shopping malls, quirky stores, and fashionable eateries.

What if you don’t want to overspend on your vacation? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars every week or day on family vacations, we offer some entertaining and affordable options. You may still enjoy your time even if you don’t spend much. 

Scottsdale is ideal for budget-conscious vacationers due to its free activities, affordable attractions, and many parks. 

Let’s explore Scottsdale’s best family-friendly activities (besides hiking on one of the numerous trails) that won’t break the budget!

  • Visit Historic Scottsdale

Historic Scottsdale seems like stepping back in time. There are interesting historical structures, centuries-old architecture, and nice stores for browsing and discovering the best souvenirs, apparel, and décor. On a family night out, check out one of the local Mexican eateries for delicious burritos and nachos. We propose Segway, bike, or carriage rides in Old Town Scottsdale for families looking for something unique. 

  • Scottsdale Civic Center Mall

This hip Downtown Scottsdale retail complex has fantastic apparel, furnishings, souvenirs, and more bargains. A shopping mall doesn’t need to be pricey or full of fancy boutiques. Shop here and then enjoy a smoothie, iced coffee, or picnic lunch in the Civic Center Mall commons. After shopping, take your kids to the Scottsdale Public Library for educational fun. This free library provides a fantastic escape from the summer heat or winter cold.

  • Odysea Aquarium

Although not free, the aquarium is an affordable day out that is great for people who want to experience something unusual without breaking the bank. This aquarium is the biggest in the state and one of the most fun places to go in Scottsdale. This 200,000-square-foot attraction has over 370 marine species, making it ideal for family learning. Bring your kids here to paint marine fauna, sketch the seas, use the hands-on water table, or conduct other marine-related activities.

  • Dinner and Contest in Medieval Times

There are plenty of unusual things to do in Scottsdale, but this one truly hits the spot. All ages, including children and adults, will enjoy the exciting dinner and entertainment events in South Scottsdale. Take part in the interactive medieval spectacle, have a delectable four-course supper, and witness the medieval jousting tournament while traveling back in time. Children of all ages will enjoy this entertaining attraction, keeping teens and toddlers occupied for hours on end. 

  • Scottsdale Activities and Top Lodging

Isn’t this what the ideal vacation sounds like? We also believe that. Scottsdale is among the best locations for those who want to try new things, enjoy the lovely weather outside, and engage in affordable, family-friendly activities throughout their trip. You can choose an affordable hotel with enough room for your whole family and the best activities to keep your kids occupied.

There is hardly any better place than Scottsdale if you want to spend quality time with your family, whether a local or from afar. So, why wait? Plan your dream trip today.

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