7 different ways to use NFC in your business

NFC (near-field communication) is a short-range standards-based technology that offers two-way communication between electronic devices. The popular technology lets users read compatible NFC tags using smartphones. 

Nowadays, more businesses are adopting different uses of NFC to stay ahead of their competitors. In fact, studies show that the global NFC market size was evaluated at USD 36.2 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach up to USD 343.7 billion by 2032.

To keep your business updated, embrace these NFC implementations!

1. Share company updates

Most businesses share updates with employees via bulletin boards or emails. However, the former causes high traffic around the boards. The latter fills employee inboxes with too many emails and they often overlook important emails.

So, a great alternative is to place an NFC tag in one or more central location(s) in the company. Link it to a specific URL where the company posts new updates.

For instance, share new policy updates, facility issues, new employee joining, out-of-stock products in the warehouse, and product delivery updates.

This can become a consistent online platform for swift and effective communication.  

2. Incorporate in business cards

It’s cumbersome to always carry a stack of business cards, especially if you often have to go outside company premises.

Whether at networking events, business meetings, or conferences, you always fear running out of business cards. Sometimes, you might even forget to carry the cards or meet leads at unexpected places. Alternatively, the card receiver might also lose your card.

Rather than facing such risks, invest in NFC business cards from a reliable provider. In this, you need to carry only one business card and tap it against the receivers’ smartphones. All the information uploaded on your card will be shared with everyone instantly.

NFC business cards also let you share way more information than physical business cards. So, you can upload everything necessary to impress the opposite person.

3. Enhance customer interaction

If your business sells products to customers, place NFC tags in several areas, such as shipping inserts, shipping packages, and even the product.  

It’s the perfect way to promote your business, share links to discount coupons on their next purchase, and advertise new and relevant products to customers.

You can even share more details about the delivered product and different ways to use it or ask for a review or customer survey.

Add a note for the customer to tap on the NFC tag with their smartphone. It will then redirect them to relevant web pages.

You can either add one NFC tag to a single URL or multiple NFC tags to different URLs. This will improve customer interaction with your business.

4. Improve employee engagement

Other ways to use NFC tags in your business are surveys, form filling, and reporting. Place NFC tags at various locations at the office, around an event/conference premises, or in other situations. Use it to boost engagement and gather data from employees.

Different ways to use NFCs for this are to redirect them to links of:

  • Survey after a monthly or quarterly meeting conclusion to know its success or failure
  • Survey at the end of the year to understand employee satisfaction
  • A webpage to gather suggestions from employees to boost employee satisfaction (Stick it on a suggestion box if there’s already any for convenience)
  • Webpage to report any issue with equipment or facilities

You can further store the answers from online forms and take necessary steps as per the company’s convenience and needs.

5. Go contactless with payments

Speed up the checkout process by using NFC tags for contactless payments. Add NFCs to printed invoices to let customers pay using their phones. Customers won’t have to crowd a single area to scan a particular QR code to pay, either.

6. Track employee availability

Monitor which employees are available on the floor, who are about to clock out, who are on break, and who have just started their shift. Find out who can best assist customers in-store.

Managers can access this information by waving their phones over the tag. This ensures the smooth running of stores.

7. Streamline meeting documents

Rather than printing multiple documents and file copies for meetings, use NFC. Let all attendees wave their devices over the tag, and they’ll get a digital copy of the documents instantly. This also ensures less paper wastage!


NFC technology has vast uses beyond these. However, if you’re just getting started, embrace these for a smooth experience!

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