Advanced Air Source Heat Pump Controls and Features

Air source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as a heating and cooling solution offering energy efficiency and cost savings. While energy efficiency and cost savings options are highlighted as a major issue, the solution is discovered as an ECO4 grant scheme to facilitate homeowners living in the UK. By click here to view your eligibility for air source heat pump grants. With advancements in technology, modern heat pumps offer a range of controls and features that can further enhance their performance and convenience.

Features to enhance performance of Air Source heat pump
Variable-Speed Motor

One such feature is a variable-speed motor, which offers benefits similar to a two-speed compressor. Variable-speed motors are different from regular air handler motors. Because they change their running speed based on the factors in your home, this helps keep the temperature. And humidity even saves energy, keeps parts from wearing out, and filters the air better.

Two-Speed Compressor

A two-speed compressor allows the heat pump to adjust its operation according to your comfort needs. Most of the time, it will run at a slower speed, allowing you to save energy. At the same time, providing more comfortable heating and cooling.

Scroll Compressor

A scroll compressor uses cutting-edge technology to get the most out of the refrigerant. Which is what keeps a heat pump system alive. They last longer, run quieter, and do a better job of heating than standard piston compressors.

Demand-Defrost Control

Selecting a heat pump with a demand-defrost control can minimise the defrost cycles thereby reducing supplementary and heat pump energy use.

Noise Reduction

Locating the outdoor unit away from windows and adjacent buildings. Selecting a heat pump with a lower outdoor sound rating (decibels) can help reduce noise.

Efficient Ductwork

Heat pumps can have problems with low airflow, leaky ducts and incorrect refrigerant charge. Proper ductwork design and installation are crucial for optimal performance.

DC Inverter Technology

DC inverter technology offers energy savings of up to 7%, precise temperature control and faster heating and cooling times.

Smart Controls

Smart controls, such as those offered by Arctic Heat Pumps, allow you to manage your heating. And cooling systems using your smartphone, providing remote control and system alerts for added convenience and peace of mind.

Blue Fin Technology

Arctic Heat Pumps also offers Blue Fin technology, which makes things less likely to rust, so they last longer.

Intelligent Defrosting

Intelligent defrosting technology, such as that offered by Arctic Heat Pumps, ensures optimal performance in cold weather conditions while minimising energy consumption.

Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI)

EVI technology from Arctic Heat Pumps makes heating work better even when it’s super cold outside. Making heat pumps a viable option in colder climates.

Advanced Diagnostics

New heat pumps can also help figure out problems fast and fix them quickly. This can help reduce downtime and maintenance costs while ensuring optimal performance.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Heat pumps can be integrated with smart home systems. Such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, allowing for voice control and seamless integration with other smart devices in the home.

Automatic Fan Speed Control

Automatic fan speed control can change the speed of the fan based on how it’s being used making it as comfortable as possible and energy efficiency.

Dual-Fuel Capability

Dual-fuel capability means the heat pump can switch between using electricity and another type of fuel like natural gas or propane. Depending on the outdoor temperature. This can provide optimal comfort and energy efficiency in all weather conditions.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

With Wi-Fi, you can check and control your heat pump from far away, which makes things easier and helps you feel relaxed.


Geofencing technology can figure out when you’re coming or going from home and change the temperature to keep you comfy and save energy.

Advanced Filtration

Fancy filters like HEPA ones can make the air inside your home better and help get rid of things that make you sneeze.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Energy recovery ventilation helps bring in fresh air while keeping energy loss low, so your home stays comfy and uses energy well.


Air source heat systems can be made to work better, use less energy and be more convenient with the help of new controls and features. If homeowners choose a heat pump with these benefits, they can enjoy better comfort. Lower energy costs and a longer-lasting system.

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