All You Should Know About Boundary Disputes & When To Hire Quantity Surveyor In Dublin

Boundary Disputes are pretty common in Ireland today. Matter of fact, this country has a very complicated history of boundary disputes. In most cases, they come in the form of property ownership issues. Anybody who has ever experienced this type of property issue will tell you that boundary cases can be pretty stressful to settle. If you currently experience boundary disputes, the first thing you need is to hire a reliable quantity surveyor (QS) in Dublin.

Here’s what you need to know about boundary disputes

Many complex boundary disputes in Ireland come in the form of property ownership issues. Other common causes include:

  • Misinterpretation of legal agreements
  • Title registration
  • Unclear definition of legal boundaries of properties

Because of the aforementioned factors, a dispute can always surface if Team A erects a fence but parts of it fall on Team B’s property. If you currently experience this type of issue, the question is what is the right thing to do?

Well, for a quick resolution of the disputed issue, going the legal way is the most appropriate. In this case, you have three options: arbitration, mediation, and litigation. However, before choosing any of these aforementioned legal avenues, you need to gather enough evidence to back up your claim.

  • First, you need to get relevant surveys to support your case. They won’t only help you to establish property lines. In addition, surveys can help you understand exactly how the boundaries were initially created.
  • Other forms of evidence you may need to back up your claim include maps and photographs regarding the property.

Should you hire a quantity surveyor in Dublin for boundary disputes?

Since you’ll be needing surveys in the court, you certainly need to hire a reliable QS in Dublin. Quantity surveyors in Ireland, especially in Rory Connolly QS, are experts when it comes to getting the necessary surveys to prove ownership of your property.

QS experts understand exactly what they need to do to find and mark a property’s legal boundaries. These experts will help come up with surveys, which you can use to establish property lines.

Quantity surveyors can even resolve the case for both parties. This will be the case if the issue surfaces due to the misinterpretation of legal agreements. The QS in Dublin can resolve this issue by clearly marking out the boundaries. In addition, they’ll explain everything about the property lines to you and your neighbor, clarifying any issue that may have caused the dispute in the first place.

Is now a good time to hire a QS in Dublin?

The best time to hire a quantity surveyor in Ireland for boundary disputes is before considering any legal approaches. The right experts, which you can find at Rory Connolly QS, will help you get surveys, which are necessary to back up your case for court use.

Quantity surveyors at Rory Connolly will work by helping you to measure the boundaries about information gotten on-site, Land Registry, and Ordnance Survey. You can visit the official website today to better understand how getting relevant surveys for boundary disputes works.

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