Botulax is an effective anti-wrinkle treatment

Maintaining external attractiveness relies on proper skincare. Cosmetologists offer their recommendations and assist in combating the effects of aging. This often entails using additional products that streamline daily skincare routines.

One notable product among the popular options is Botulax, effectively substituting Botox, which was previously utilized for cosmetic purposes. It’s worthwhile to consider purchasing botulinum toxin for the following reasons:

  • effective elimination of expression lines;
  • effect is noticeable for six months;
  • preservation of natural facial expressions.

These benefits resonate with cosmetologists who administer rejuvenation procedures. The safe composition and limited exposure have contributed to the popularity of this solution among Korean women. Beauty injections are now more sought after because their effects last for several months.

What do I need to know about botulinum toxin?

The cosmetic surgeon is responsible for prescribing and administering the product, and advice can be sought for shallow wrinkles. Indications for use include drooping eyelids and blepharospasm. In addition, treatment is indicated for several tender areas:

  • décolletage;
  • neck;
  • face.

The production technology complies with the norms of Korea, and the composition contains active substances. For convenient storage, the preparation undergoes lyophilized (drying) stage. Quality product is supplied in the form of powder, which must be diluted with water before inject. The manufacturer indicates a high content of protein neurotoxin category A, as well as sodium chloride.

The neuroleptic has a relaxing effect. At the injection points, the drug affects mimic and static wrinkles, eliminates blepharospasms and promotes the facial oval reconstitution. The procedure manages to get rid of asymmetry and achieve the effect of rejuvenation.

The features of Botulax 200 look attractive. Spot action on the adult skin avoids traumatization. The action of the drug does not extend to other areas: the effect of migration is eliminated, so there are no problems. Preservation of lively facial expressions is another significant advantage of the drug.

Features of application

With its effective formula, you can observe initial results within 3–5 days. Simultaneously, the essential effect smooths wrinkles and enhances the appearance of the face, décolleté, and neck. Botulax 200 reconstitution is suitable for various skin types. The necessary amount of the product is determined by a cosmetologist, who evaluates tissue condition beforehand.

The time of the procedure is different and takes a minimum of 20 minutes. After injections, you should avoid physical activity and sports. If you follow the recommendations of the specialist, you will be able to evaluate the results faster and enjoy the skin condition.

Additional treatments to help maintain the effect are performed after the results have been evaluated. Follow your doctor’s instructions to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance.

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