Choosing the perfect wedding suits

In most wedding ceremonies, the bride is always the center of attention. The reason is that the brides put much thought and attention into picking a stylish wedding gown. Grooms also deserve to stand out on the wedding day. Well, one of the best ways to stand out on your wedding day is by choosing a tailored suit for men.

Looking for the perfect wedding suit for men can be overwhelming for most grooms. If you are finding it difficult to choose the right wedding suits, we are here to help you.

In this post, we will talk about how to choose the perfect groom’s suit for your wedding day.

How to choose the perfect wedding suits

Choose the right style and accessories

Choosing the proper style and accessories for your wedding suit is a vital element that might differentiate you from your groomsmen. Select a stylish suit that captures your personality. If you choose a fitted suit, highlight it with unique accessories. One way to achieve this is by adding colored waistcoats, colored pocket squares, or ties of different colors. You can also change the lapel size, go with a two-breasted suit, double-breasted, single-breasted suit, or patterned suit. These details are things that an experienced suit designer like Vestio Bespoke can help you with.

Choose the right color

Men like to make things simple by going for simple colors like the traditional black, navy blue, or grey. The classic colors of navy blue or black are great options since they are elegant and classic. If you want to go further, though, don’t be afraid to play around with other colors like teal green, royal blues, purple, pink, dark red, pattern color, and more. But while choosing the perfect wedding suit, it’s important to consider your wedding color theme. You might pick a color that goes well with the flowers, the wedding location, and other elements.

Choose custom suits

You may be thinking about whether to wear a custom suit or an off-the-rack suit on your wedding day. The reality is that bespoke suits are always the greatest alternative for those seeking fashionable and well-fitting men’s suits. Custom-made suits are designed just for you. Additionally, if you prefer your suit color to be more than just the traditional black, navy blue, or grey, then custom suits are ideal for you. You can rest assured that you do not only get a well-fitted suit, but also the excolorolor style, and details.

However, if you have a normal body shape or have very little time to plan, off-the-rack suits might be helpful. To ensure a perfect fit, you might still need to make adjustments to the waist, trouser length, sleeves, and pants.

Consider the fit

The fit is maybe the most important consideration when choosing the perfect men’s suits for your wedding. You don’t want your suit to seem too big or too little on your wedding day. Even the most costly wedding suits might look cheap with a bad fitting. It is important to let your tailor understand how much fit you want. Ideally, a tailored suit is made to fit snugly without being restrictive, and it precisely fits the natural curves of your body.

Additionally, the quality of the suit is also a very important factor to consider. A low-quality suit may look good on a mannequin when displayed, but may not be durable. A low-quality suit can easily be ripped, and wrinkled, and may not fit your body perfectly.


Choosing custom suits for men is crucial if you want a wedding suit with the right details, color, fabric, style, and fit. Nevertheless, you need to hire an experienced bespoke tailor to get the perfect groom’s suit for your wedding. And that’s why Vestio Bespoke is there for you.

Vestio Bespoke combines classic and traditional techniques with a modern-day sensibility to create a well-tailored suit that’s uniquely yours.

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