Deep Wave Wig vs Body Wave Wig: Which Should You Go For?

When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle, wigs offer various styling options to enhance your appearance. Deep Wave wigs and body wave wigs are some of the most popular choices currently in the market. With each hair wig having its characteristics, which should you be going for?

In this article, we will discuss deep wave wigs and body wave wigs, their characteristics, and differences.

Deep Wave Wig

Deep wave wigs mimic the appearance of ocean waves with their tighter, more defined curls. This style of hair typically has more curls and is more uniformly sized from root to tip. Deep wave wigs can be used to achieve a wide range of hairstyles, from short and chic to lengthy and curly.

Characteristics of Deep Wave Wig

  • Tighter waves—The deep wave wigs have more tighter and structured waves.
  • Well-defined curls—The deep wave wig has well-defined curls which makes them look more beautiful and stylish
  • Volume and bounce—Deep wave wigs have voluminous and bouncy curls, which can attract attention during movement.

Body Wave Wig

The Body Wave wig is treated by a larger roller to create smooth straight hair and loose curly hair. The curls offer a wider S-pattern, giving the hair a glamorous and voluminous look. This curl is suitable for those with naturally straight hair who prefer looser curls and a more natural look but don’t want to use heat or styling products every day to get the look they want.

Characteristics of Body Wave Wig

  • Soft and flowing wave—The body wave wig is soft and characterized by a flowing wave that drops down beautifully.
  • Smoother hair texture—The body wave wig has smoother hair strands, which makes it easy to style.
  • Not overly voluminous—The body wave wig offers adequate volume but because the hair is straight, it is not overly voluminous on the head.
  • Natural look— Body wave wigs blend in well with your hairline to give you a natural-looking hair appearance.

Differences between Deep Wave Wig and Body Wave wig

Wave pattern

The body wave wigs have looser curls with straight S-shaped waves that are rather subtle and relaxed looking. On the other hand, the deep wave wigs are more noticeable and striking because of their tighter curls.

Hair Texture

The body wave wig has a silkier, smoother, and soft texture that feels gentle to the touch. While the deep wave wig has a rougher texture which makes it bouncy.


The body wave offers more easy and manageable styling options because of its loose and straight curls. The deep wave wig also offers different styling options, however, it demands more care and attention. This is because improper handling of the deep wave hair could lead the tighter curls to become frizzy.


Because of its loose wave patterns, which reduce tangling, the body wave wig requires less maintenance. On the other hand, deep wave wigs feature tighter curls and are more likely to tangle. Hence, they are not easy to maintain and may require more effort to detangle and style. Nevertheless, regular conditioning and moisturizing can preserve the curls in both wig types and make them last longer.

Occasion and events

The body wave wig can be used daily because it is easier to maintain. Deep wave wigs, on the other hand, are perfect for occasions and events because it is eye-catching and can make you stand out.

Which better between Deep Wave Wig and Body Wave Wig

Both deep wave wig and body wave wig are made from one hundred percent human hair and both offers different styling options so it will be difficult to say which one is better.

The better options depend on individual preference and what you want to achieve. For instance, if you are looking for a day-to-day wig that you can wear every day to work, shopping, movies, or during travel, then you should go for body wave wigs. Also, you may want to consider a deep wave wig for events and special dinners or if you like to style your hair more frequently to look stunning and elegant.

Additionally, you may want to consider your facial shape before choosing a wig type. Body wave wigs can add a softer frame to any face type. But deep wave wigs can be ideal for people with round or oval faces.

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