Eleanor Talitha Bailey Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings, Support & More

Eleanor Talitha Bailey lives in the United States and is the daughter of the well-known American actress and model, Devon Aoki Bailey.

Being part of the Bailey family, Eleanor is the third child and the second daughter, born to Devon Aoki and James Bailey.

We’ll explore the fascinating life of Eleanor Talitha Bailey in this post. We’ll talk about her age, relationship status, family history, net worth, professional goals, educational path, and specifics regarding her weight and height. Come along as we examine every aspect of her life.

Personal Profile

Full NameEleanor Talitha Bailey
Date Of Birth2015
Place Of BirthUnited States
Age8 Years
Sexual OrientationStraight
Famous ForCeleb-Child
ParentsDevon Aoki & James Bailey
Height4 feet 3 Inches
Weight39 kg
Eye ColorHazel Eyes
Hair ColorLight Brown

Who is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

Who is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

Introducing Eleanor Talitha Bailey, the daughter of the renowned American actress and model, Devon Aoki.

Devon, famous for her standout performance as Suki in “2 Fast 2 Furious,” has adorned the covers of numerous magazines and lent her image to major brands such as Adidas, Loreal, and Tiffany&Co.

Taking after her mother’s footsteps, Eleanor has also made appearances for some of these prestigious brands. Moreover, she has taken on the role of a brand ambassador for a travel luggage brand, infusing her unique style into the realm of endorsements.

Early Life & Bio

Eleanor Talitha Bailey entered the world in 2015, blessed as the daughter of model and actress Devon Aoki and businessman James Bailey. Her roots lie in the United States, where she was born.

Fast forward to 2024, Eleanor is about eight years old, navigating her early years with a blend of cultural influences. Her heritage is a mix of Japanese, German (from her mother, Devon Aoki), and American (from her father, James Bailey) backgrounds, making her ethnicity quite diverse. And proudly, she holds American citizenship.

Eleanor’s life has been kept low-key as she’s grown up, which is typical of children of famous people. She has grown up in a special setting that blends the entertainment and business worlds, with her siblings Hunter and Alessandra Linville, giving her a diverse range of experiences.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Education

At present, there’s limited information about Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s education. Born in 2015, she’s approximately eight years old, which means her schooling details are likely handled discreetly by her parents, Devon Aoki and James Bailey.

It’s clear from various sources that there’s a deliberate effort to keep details about their children private, underscoring the family’s commitment to maintaining a level of confidentiality regarding their personal lives.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Parents

James Bailey and Devon Aoki are the parents of Eleanor Talitha Bailey.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Mother: Devon Aoki

Devon Edwenna Aoki, a well-known American model and actress, was born in New York on August 10, 1982. Her distinct charm and array of skills have earned her recognition.

Her noteworthy roles in movies such as “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Sin City,” “DOA: Dead or Alive,” and “Mutant Chronicles” have influenced her career in the entertainment sector. Beyond her career in acting, Devon has had a lasting impression on the fashion business.

But Devon’s story is also rooted in a rich family history. Her parents, Pamela Hilberger and Rocky Aoki, who founded the iconic Benihana restaurant chain, instilled in her a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Mother: Devon Aoki

She comes from a diverse and dynamic family, including siblings like the renowned DJ Steve Aoki, Kevin Aoki, Jenifer Crumb, Kana Grace Nootenboom, Echo V. Aoki, and Kyle N. Aoki, all contributing to various fields in their own right.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Father: James Bailey

James Bailey, Devon Aoki’s husband, keeps a low profile, with little public information available about him. He tied the knot with Devon Aoki in 2011, playing a significant role in building their family.

As a businessman, James shows a dedication to success in his professional pursuits. However, details about his specific business ventures and background remain largely undisclosed in public sources.

James and Devon are proud parents to three children, including Eleanor Talitha Bailey. The family’s deliberate choice to maintain privacy has led to limited access to detailed information about James Bailey’s life and career.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Grandparents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki, had quite an adventurous life. He participated in powerboat racing and amateur wrestling under the stage name Rocky. He was born in Japan and eventually moved to the US, where he was successful as a Benihana restaurant owner.

Pamela Hilburger, Eleanor’s grandmother, is a gifted jeweler and painter on the other side of the family. Her ancestry is varied, with origins in both England and Germany. Following her 1991 divorce from Aoki, Pamela made the decision to live a somewhat quiet life, concentrating on her creative endeavors.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Siblings

Born in 2015, Eleanor Talitha Bailey belongs to a tight-knit family with two siblings. She holds the position of the third child and second daughter among her parents, Devon Aoki and James Bailey.

Her siblings, Hunter and Alessandra Linville, complete the trio, sharing a deep bond within their family circle.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Brother: Hunter Bailey

Hunter Bailey, born in June 2011, is the son of American model and actress Devon Aoki and financier James Bailey. He holds the distinction of being the only son in the Aoki-Bailey family, surrounded by three sisters, including Eleanor Talitha Bailey.

The family frequently attends public events together, showcasing a tight-knit and joyful family dynamic.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Sister: Alessandra Linville Bailey

Alessandra Linville Bailey, born on February 12, 2013, is the second daughter of actress and model Devon Aoki and James Bailey.

Growing up within the Aoki-Bailey household alongside her siblings, Alessandra experiences a private upbringing, with occasional glimpses shared by her stylish and talented mother on social media.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Younger Sister: Bliss Evelyn Bailey

Details about her youngest sister are not available as her parents have chosen to keep her life away from the public eye.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Appeared In The Vogue Magazine

Eleanor Talitha Bailey made a special appearance alongside her mom, Devon Aoki, in Vogue Japan. This rare photoshoot was for the magazine’s cover, and Devon Aoki delighted fans by sharing the images on September 26.

In the photos, the mother-daughter pair exhibited an uncanny resemblance, drawing admiration for their matching moments. Their feature in Vogue Japan’s November 2023 issue not only showcased their stunning fashion sense but also gave a glimpse into the strong bond between Devon Aoki and Eleanor Talitha Bailey, captured beautifully through the lens of fashion and media.

Devon Aoki and James Bailey Wedding

Devon Aoki and James Bailey Wedding

Devon Aoki and James Bailey wove their own captivating love story amidst the glitz and glam of their world. A chance blind date led to a romance that went beyond the glamor of the big screen. Following an intense romance, they decided to marry in just six months, taking a risk. Their wedding day in Los Angeles, April 23, 2011, turned into a sentimental event with their closest friends and family.

Their connection is built on genuine intimacy, transcending the fleeting allure often found in Hollywood. One of their four extraordinary daughters, Eleanor Talitha Bailey, is cherished in the family that Devon and James have lovingly raised; it is a happy refuge. Their tale stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and commitment in a world where memories can be fleeting.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Eleanor Talitha Bailey entered the world on February 12, 2015, in the United States of America. This makes her an American citizen, with a mixed ethnicity, and she follows the Christian faith.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Relationship

At the tender age of eight, Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s focus is on school and simply enjoying her childhood – dating isn’t even on her radar.

Right now, Eleanor is happily single, fully immersed in the adventures that come with being a kid. Set against the background of their opulent lifestyle, her parents, Devon Aoki and James Bailey, have a love story worthy of any fairy tale.

Their story started with a chance encounter on a blind date that sparked a relationship more captivating than anything seen in a Hollywood production. After a quick courtship, they decided to take a chance and chose to be engaged in just six months. On April 23, 2011, their marriage in Los Angeles, surrounded by the warmth and affection of their closest friends and family, marked the wonderful culmination of their love journey.

While Eleanor is busy exploring the joys of childhood, her parents’ love story serves as a poignant reminder that real love knows no bounds and creates a glorious journey that transcends all conception.

Height & Weight

Eleanor Talitha Bailey, the daughter of American actress and model Devon Aoki, is a lovely young girl with striking features. She boasts captivating hazel eyes and light brown hair. Talitha stands at an average height of 4 feet and 3 inches, weighing around 39 kg.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Is Supported By Her Parents

Eleanor Bailey hasn’t yet increased her own net worth by personal pursuits because she is still in her early childhood and depends heavily on her parents. However, it’s important to remember that she hails from a very wealthy family.

Devon Aoki, her mother, is a well-known model and actress in the business with an estimated net worth of $30 million. James Bailey, her father, is said to be worth $4 million in the meanwhile.

Eleanor, along with her mother, brothers, and herself, has ventured into the realm of brand ambassadorship from an early age, working with companies such as Away. This early involvement hints at a potential future in the modeling industry, following in her mother’s footsteps.

The family’s lavish lifestyle, exemplified by Devon Aoki’s ownership of multiple homes in Benedict Canyon and Los Angeles, underscores their considerable wealth. This provides Eleanor with a privileged upbringing in a financially secure environment, setting the stage for a life surrounded by abundance and opportunities.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Net Worth

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Net Worth

As of 2023, eight-year-old Eleanor Bailey isn’t in the position to have her own money yet, considering her young age. Right now, her main focus is on school and just being a kid, rather than diving into making her own income through a job or anything like that.

At the moment, Eleanor’s dabbling in some small advertising and branding stuff, just like her mom did when she was younger, along with her siblings. While it’s giving her some exposure, it’s not like a real job or bringing in any money for her at this stage.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Eleanor shares in her parents’ riches, which they have laboriously acquired over the years. As of 2023, Devon Aoki, Eleanor’s mother, has a net worth of around $30 million, demonstrating the financial prosperity of their family and their ability to raise Eleanor in a secure and pleasant environment.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Social media

Many young people with notable backgrounds, especially those born into the public eye, often prefer to keep a low profile on social media. Eleanor Talitha Bailey is one such individual. She doesn’t actively use popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and she doesn’t have her own dedicated social media account.

Instead of carving out her own online presence, Eleanor occasionally pops up on her mother Devon Aoki’s social media profiles. This allows us to catch glimpses of her life and the family’s adventures, all while maintaining a sense of privacy and cherishing her childhood without too much public scrutiny. It’s a thoughtful approach that lets her enjoy the benefits of her mother’s online sharing while still keeping certain aspects of her life shielded from the public eye.

Facts About Eleanor Talitha Bailey

  • The amazing American actress Devon Aoki, who you may recognize from her part in “2 Fast 2 Furious,” is the mother of Eleanor.
  • Talk about an amazing combination: her grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki, was a powerboat racer and amateur wrestler!
  • Eleanor has lofty goals: she wants to become an actress and enter the spotlight like her gifted mother.
  • She is known for giving our furry companions love and happiness and has a special place in her heart for animals.
  • Eleanor is the most loving sister team member; her warmth and charisma make everyone fall in love with her.

It’s Over Now!

In conclusion, Eleanor Talitha Bailey, at just eight years old, is poised for a bright future. Supported by her loving family, she navigates her early years with grace and ambition. She appreciates seclusion and treasures her early experiences away from the spotlight, even though she was raised in an affluent family. Eleanor’s path holds much promise and potential, as she aspires to emulate her mother.

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