Road Trip

How to Pack for a Road Trip

You will want to pack a hat as your hair can get dirty when you are traveling for days, and your hair is dirty. You might not feel like washing your hair in the morning, especially, if you are the driver and you want some extra shade. 

The hat will also be useful when trying to take a nap or when it rains and you need to step out of the car to run some quick errands. 

Now, this is the first travel hack to remember when packing for a road trip.

Here are some other tips.

Pack Some Essentials

There are several essentials that you will pack for the car. So, number one is a pack of Kleenexes. Instead of throwing the box of Kleenexes on the car’s floorboard, it would be more practical to organize it in a brown paper bag where you can keep the pack of Kleenexes with other boxes of useful items as well.

The reason why you will want to use a box to keep things organized in a box is that this way you can prevent the things from sliding around as you drive the car. You can also use gallon bags to pack all the snacks that you are going to be munching on inside the car. 

This way, you can ensure that you aren’t stuck with all the boxes to throw away in some random business’s trash cans that everyone else might be using. 

When it comes to packing road trip snacks, you will want to include trail mix, protein bars, jerky, granola bars, dates, chickpeas, cucumbers, mini carrots, and yogurt in the gallon bags. 

Medical Emergency Kit

Another thing to pack in your car is your medical emergency kit. Pay attention to the car as well. 

If you are driving a classic, such as a Porsche 356, you might not want to take it on the trip and opt for a modern vehicle instead. 

You can use a random pouch to make your medical emergency kit. Inside the emergency medical kit, you will want to pack antibacterial wipes for wiping off your hands after you have eaten something, such as fries and donuts. 

Make sure to pack change, such as one-dollar bills as well as some places that you will encounter on the road trips will have really old systems for the parking meters. When dealing with those old-styled parking meters, you will have to rely on the dollar bills. Also, your card might not always work at all gas stations, which is why having some spare cash is highly recommended. 

When it comes to the emergency kit where you have all the essentials that you can need at any time, you will want to be mindful of the position of the kit. The best thing to do is to hang it behind the passenger’s side for instant and easy access. This way, you will have easy access to whatever you need without leaving both your hands on the steering wheel.  

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