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Leanne Goggins appeared to have everything anyone could dream of. She was married to the renowned actor Walter Goggins and created a prosperous company around her love of animals. However, her once-glamorous life took a tragic turn when she tragically committed suicide in 2004. This confused a lot of people, who questioned what might have inspired her to act so daringly. What inner turmoil or external pressures led the wife of a famous actor to such a desperate act? These are the questions that will be explored in the following discussion.

Who Is Leanne Goggins?

Leanne Goggins, the first wife of the renowned Hollywood actor and producer Walton Goggins, entered the world in 1967 in Canada, born to Arnold Kaun and Peggy. While details about her early life and education remain sparse, it’s known that she has a brother named Jay. Growing up, Leanne was raised in a Christian household, instilled with those values by her parents.

Her journey began with the challenge of jaundice, triggering a viral disease that persisted throughout her childhood. This health setback demanded a strict diet to manage recurring infections, impacting both her well-being and her parents’ financial stability, leading to several missed school days.

Who Is Leanne Goggins?

Despite these hurdles, Leanne tenaciously completed her elementary and high school education, ultimately earning a degree. Additionally, she delved into the realm of pet training, pursuing her passion for animals.

Personal Profile

NameLeanne Goggins
Date of Birth1967
Country of BirthCanada
Death DateNovember 12, 2004
Age at Death37 years old
ParentsPeggy and Arnold Kaun
SiblingsJay (brother)
ProfessionDog Trainer
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourBlue
Waist Size24 inches
Bra Size34 inches
Hip Size32 inches


Leanne Goggins was born in Canada in 1967, into a family of four with her father Arnold Kaun, mother Peggy Kaun, and brother Jay. Although born in Canada, her parents were Americans, granting her dual nationality.

Growing up in Canada, Leanne faced health challenges due to jaundice, impacting her diet, immune system, and causing frequent illnesses. This caused financial hardship for her family and resulted in extended absences from school. Leanne overcame these challenges and used tenacity and diligence to finish her education in elementary, high school, and college.

Early Life

Born in 1967 in Canada to American parents, Peggy and Arnold Kaun, Leanne Goggins was a passionate dog lover from the start. Her early life remained relatively private until she gained attention through her marriage to Walton. Sources suggest that her love for animals was accompanied by health challenges due to jaundice during her upbringing. These issues led to a delayed start in her education, but she persevered and pursued studies through college.

Professional Life

Leanne Kaun Goggins had a deep love for animals since she was young, even though her health prevented her from having pets of her own. As she got older and her health improved, she pursued her passion wholeheartedly.

She started her dog walking business in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Hollywood Hills, which quickly grew to become one of the largest in the area. One of her notable clients was Liberty, the official mascot of the Canyon News.

Leanne’s business wasn’t just about walking dogs. She ensured they had balanced diets and took them on exciting adventures. She also trained them in various activities like running, swimming, and hiking. Her dedication and care for the dogs earned her a stellar reputation among her clients, allowing her business to expand beyond its local roots.

Leanne Goggins Relationship

Leanne Goggins Relationship

When Leanne and Walton Goggins met in 2000, their relationship got serious right away. After a brief courtship, Walton married in 2001, just after completing filming Shanghai Noon. Initially, everything seemed idyllic as Leanne relocated to Los Angeles to be with Walton.

But after three years, inescapable arguments and miscommunications caused their relationship to falter. These problems ultimately led to a 2004 divorce. Leanne reportedly resented Walton’s rigorous schedule, didn’t like living in Los Angeles, and yearned to go back to her own Canada. It was Leanne who initiated the divorce, ending their four-year union.

Before their separation, they were viewed as a picture-perfect couple, often seen together at public events, radiating happiness. Sadly, after the divorce, communication ceased, with both Walton and Leanne removing traces of their relationship from social media and other online platforms.

Leanne Goggins Death

Leanne’s life took a heartbreaking turn after her divorce, leading her to jump from the 17th floor of a Los Angeles building on November 12, 2004. Despite receiving medical attention for the injuries sustained in the fall, she couldn’t overcome the devastating outcome. The circumstances surrounding Walton Goggins’ wife’s suicide have left many questioning the reasons behind such a tragic decision.

Leanne had been grappling with chronic depression, and her emotional struggles likely intensified in the days leading up to her suicide, marked by the poignant act of handing Walton divorce papers to end their four-year marriage.

Her passing deeply affected both her family and her estranged husband. A large number of people attended Leanne’s funeral, which took place on November 29, 2004, at the Hollywood funeral home located on Santa Monica Boulevard. People, especially her clientele who valued the care Leanne Goggins gave their dogs, were heartbroken to learn of her passing.

The obituary commemorated Leanne’s life, acknowledging her tragic end and survivors, including her ex-husband, actor Walton Goggins, whom she married in 2001. Her brother Jay, who lives in Australia, her mother Peggy, her stepfather Arnold Kaun of Calgary, Alberta, and a host of other relatives and friends survive her. The void left by Leanne’s departure was deeply felt by those who knew and cared for her.

Leanne Goggins Funeral

Leanne Goggins was buried in Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery, according to Find a Grave. Her memorial service took place on Friday, November 19, 2004, at 2 p.m. at the Hollywood Funeral Home located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard.

Who Is Walton Goggins’ Spouse Now?

The American actor, Walter Goggins, is happily married to filmmaker Nadia Conners. Nadia is a multi-talented individual, working as a director, writer, and producer, with notable credits including her roles in projects like “The 11th Hour” and “This is All of Us.” Walter and Nadia tied the knot in August 2011 and are proud parents to a son.

Leanne Goggins Net Worth

Leanne Goggins Net Worth

Leanne Goggins reportedly had a net worth of $300,000, primarily from her successful ventures. Furthermore, her wealth was substantially augmented by her husband’s estimated net worth of $8 million.

Interesting Facts

  • Leanne Goggins was born in 1967, while her exact birthday is uncertain.
  • When she passed away, she was 37 years old.
  • Leanne was born in Canada and has Caucasian ancestry.
  • Peggy and Arnold Kaun, who reside in Calgary, are her parents.
  • Leanne’s occupation was dog training; she wasn’t an actor.
  • Walton Goggins, her spouse, is an actor who starred in the television series “Justified,” but Leanne did not.
  • On November 12, 2004, Leanne committed herself by jumping from a high-rise building’s 17th story.
  • She subsequently passed away in the hospital from her wounds.

Bottom Line

In memory of Leanne Goggins, a woman who followed her passion for animals despite health struggles. She fought inner issues that ultimately led to her untimely death in 2004, despite the attention her marriage to actor Walton Goggins received. She is remembered for her devotion and generosity, leaving a deep impression on everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. Rest in peace, Leanne.

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