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Who Is LeBron James Dad? Everything You Need To Read

LeBron James, the towering figure in basketball, commands immense respect in the sports arena. His incredible journey and countless accomplishments suggest that he isn’t about to let up on the pedal just yet. LeBron made it known that he is preparing for the next season during the Los Angeles 2023 ESPY Awards. Even though his entire family was present, Anthony McClelland, his real father, was noticeably absent from the occasion. This raises the question: who exactly is Anthony McClelland, LeBron James dad?

Who Is LeBron James Dad?

The details surrounding Anthony McClelland’s location and relationship to LeBron James are few, and McClelland has not been a significant figure in LeBron James’ life.

Anthony and Gloria struggled to have a solid marriage when LeBron was born, and they were both teens. Unfortunately, LeBron’s relationship with Anthony was inconsistent, and Anthony eventually left when LeBron was still a young child.

The basketball icon hasn’t delved extensively into their relationship publicly, making it unclear when he last communicated with his father, Anthony. Nevertheless, it’s evident that Anthony’s absence had a significant impact on LeBron during his formative years. In a previous interview, LeBron touched upon his biological father and expressed the challenges of growing up without a consistent male figure.

“My mother was everything to me growing up since I didn’t have a father. It was tough not having that male figure in my life, but it made me appreciate the role of a father even more.”

Personal Profile

Full nameAnthony McClelland
BirthplaceAkron, Ohio
Sexual orientationStraight
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Marital statusUnmarried
Former partnerGloria James
ChildrenLeBron James and Aaron Gamble
Famous forBeing the biological father of LeBron James

LeBron James Dad & Mom Relationship

Gloria apparently had a brief connection with Anthony around the time of her son James LeBron’s birth. But she was just sixteen, and Anthony would not support her, so she was left to care for her kid on her own. 

Does Anthony McClelland Have Other Children? 

Apart from LeBron, there have been rumors that Anthony fathered another son named Aaron McClelland Gamble through a different relationship. Aaron, who turned 36 years old in 2023, was born on May 31, 1987, in Akron, Ohio. Similar to LeBron’s situation, Anthony was reportedly absent from Aaron’s life, leaving him and his mother to fend for themselves.

Is Lebron James Dad Still Alive?

Is Lebron James Dad Still Alive?

After learning some facts about LeBron James Dad, some readers may wonder whether he is alive or deceased. LeBron James Dad is indeed still alive. If we gather further details, we will update our websites accordingly. LeBron James experienced the hardships of hardship personally as he was raised by a single mother. His environment encouraged him to pursue greatness and develop into his greatest self. LeBron was regarded as one of the most promising adolescent players of his generation while he was in high school. There were big hopes for him in the basketball world when he made his NBA debut in 2003. Twenty seasons on, “King” James continues to rule supremely. He’s accomplished greatness with four NBA championships, four MVP honors in the Finals, and four MVP crowns in the regular season. LeBron did all of this without having a father figure in his youth to provide direction.

Lebron James Dad Controversy

LeBron James Dad is sometimes referred to by another name, Roland Biven. There are reports indicating that Biven might have been a victim of a drive-by shooting incident back in 1994. Some speculate that Biven took on the identity of Anthony McClelland to evade legal issues. Yet, these claims lack verification, leaving doubts about their truthfulness.

Lebron James Dad Body Stats

LeBron James dad stands tall at 6 feet 7 inches, a commanding presence on and off the basketball court. His distinctive features include jet-black hair that adds to his striking appearance. His deep, dark brown eyes reflect his focus and intensity, traits that have defined his career. While his height is widely known, details about his weight remain undisclosed, adding an element of mystery to the iconic athlete’s physique.

Who Is Lebron James?

LeBron Raymone James, who turned 38 in 2023, was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, USA. Growing up under the care of his single mother, Gloria James, LeBron encountered numerous hurdles during his childhood.

Eddie Jackson, The Ex of Gloria James, Had a Significant Influence On LeBron

Eddie Jackson provided LeBron James with a strong father role in the absence of his biological father. Eddie first came into LeBron’s life as a young child, dating his mother Gloria, and over time he became a big influence. Acting as a father, Eddie provided LeBron with support, stability, and guidance throughout his formative years.

LeBron openly acknowledges Eddie as his “father figure” or “dad,” recognizing the substantial impact he has had on both his personal and professional development. Despite Eddie’s troubled past as a felon, he played a crucial role in LeBron’s life, even assisting the family financially through earnings from real estate fraud. Regardless of the complexities, there’s no denying the immense role Eddie played in shaping LeBron into the man he is today.

Lebron James Net Worth

LeBron James’ estimated net worth is $600 million, largely due to his successful basketball career. He is among the NBA’s highest-paid players because of his rich endorsement deals, which significantly increase his income.

Conversely, Anthony McClelland, LeBron James’ biological father, continues to be largely absent from him. The great athlete’s life was significantly empty during his absence throughout LeBron’s youth, underscoring the complexity of their connection.

Did LeBron Take a Paternity Test? 

Leicester Bryce Stovell, a guy claiming to be LeBron James’ biological father, put him in an odd circumstance. Two decades after LeBron’s birth, and already a basketball sensation in the NBA, Stovell entered his life. Despite Gloria’s reluctance to engage with Stovell, LeBron opted for a DNA test to verify the claims.

The results of the test confirmed that Stovell was not LeBron’s father. However, Stovell remained unconvinced and alleged that the results were manipulated. He went on to sue Gloria and LeBron for $4 million, citing defamation, fraud, and misrepresentation. Ultimately, the case was dismissed by the court.

Where Is Lebron James Dad Now?

Where Is Lebron James Dad Now?

Currently residing in Ohio, United States, LeBron James is actively working on repairing his relationship with his son. He has exhausted himself in this endeavor and deliberately steers clear of social media, with any accounts bearing his name deemed fake. To this day, LeBron James has allegedly never met Anthony McClelland, and their relationship remains strained. McClelland has reportedly faced periods of incarceration but attempted to reconnect with LeBron in 2002, an offer which LeBron declined.

Wrap Up

In closing, LeBron James’ relationship with his father, Anthony McClelland, remains a complex and evolving story. Despite Anthony’s absence, LeBron’s journey to greatness has been shaped by influential figures like Eddie Jackson. The quest for connection with his biological father continues to resonate in LeBron’s life, adding depth to his personal narrative. As LeBron’s legacy unfolds, the keyword “LeBron James Dad” encapsulates the layers of emotion and resilience embedded within his journey.

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