Little Known Things About Persian Cats

Persian cat breeds, also known as Persians, are among the most popular cat breeds in the world. With their silky fur and big eyes, Persian cats have a magnificent appearance that often strikes people at first sight. Their loving and calm nature makes them great companions for every pet lover.

This article is about the fluffy Persian cat, which forms deep bonds with its favorite humans. We will touch upon little-known facts associated with the Persian cat breed’s characteristics. We will also point you to a San Diego kitten breeder if you’re looking for Persian kittens for sale.

There Were Persian Cats in the World’s First Cat Show

The information we have about the characteristics of Persian cats is closely related to the fact that we have lived with them for a long time and that they were especially favorites of European noblemen. Persian cats take to the stage again in the event, held at the Crystal Palace in 1871 and went down in history as the world’s first cat show.

It is known that Siamese cats were also present in the same competition; more than 20 thousand people watched this competition live, and the Persian cat won the “best show” award.

Persian Cats Make Perfect Housemates

Of course, this statement is valid for all cats, and all cats have their own characters. Considering the characteristics of Persian cats, it is known that they have a very calm nature, as we have just stated. Experiences with them are usually not too devastating. It is not often seen that they run around like crazy inside the house. They do not have a very curious nature, so those looking for a quiet home life will live a peaceful life with Persian cats.

Effort May Be Required to Get Persian Cats Active

The calm nature of Persian cats requires exploring their interests and observing their movements in order to activate them. Persian cats, who prefer to rest quietly during the day, tend to gain weight. Weight gain in Persian cats significantly affects their health and living comfort.

However, a doll face Persian will not have this issue, which has breathing difficulties due to its flat face, can breathe more difficult than normal if it is overweight. Their anatomical features will require creativity to enable them to be more active. In this context, cat toys provide great convenience. Discovering his favorite type of toy will have an effect that will make it easier for him to take action.

Hair Care of Persian Cats is Important

Combining cats’ fur means spending time with them, strengthening bonds, and contributing to their health. This statement is valid for all cat breeds. However, when it comes to Persian cats, the characteristics of their coat structure will increase the importance of coat care even more. Long-haired Persian cats need regular grooming; otherwise, tangling and unhealthy hair may occur.

If possible, these beautiful cat breeds should be combed every day to keep their long and silky hair healthy and remove excess hair. Feather care is not limited to combing only. Gentle removal of hair around the eyes is also recommended. Those who live with a white Persian cat should not neglect cleaning the eye area.

Persian Cats’ Faces Weren’t Always Flat!

When it comes to Persian cat features, the thing that stands out is their flat face. However, it is also known that the anatomical feature called the flat face developed later. In ancient times, the faces of Persian cats were not as flat as they are today. The original Persian were actually doll face, also known as tradition.

However, in the 1950s, due to a genetic mutation, some Persian cat kittens were born with flattened faces. Breeders found the new facial shape of the kittens more aesthetic and spread this feature of the breed through selective breeding. But this choice had a consequence: The flattened faces of Persian cats made breathing more difficult, and their eyes became watery.


Overall, the Persian cat is a beautiful creature to have as a pet in your space. Hence, if you’re searching for doll-face Persian kittens for sale, your best bet is to reach out to a reputable breeder. We’re the best kitten breeder out there in San Diego!

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