The best ways to sell advertising space on a website

For any website owner thinking about monetizing their website, selling ads has many advantages. While there are some important points you need to tick early on, once you get the process right, it can become a profitable and sustainable source of income. After reading this guide, you will understand how to sell ad space on your website.

What does selling advertising space on a website involve?

A part of selling advertising space on your website is setting aside certain areas for advertisements. These advertisements might be in the form of videos, sponsored material, or banner adverts. In fact, marketers use over half of their programmatic expenditures for video advertisements on desktop and mobile platforms, according to eMarketer.

Publishers have a great deal of potential, regardless of the kind of advertisement. By displaying the appropriate advertisement to the appropriate audience at the appropriate moment, publishers may passively make thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the website and the specialty.

The main criteria for selling advertising on the website

While there are differences throughout websites, all advertisers want their message to be seen by the appropriate people. This objective is more likely to be met by high-quality websites, which saves companies and marketers money on advertising.

Here are the basic requirements owners need to meet in order to know how to sell advertising space on the website:

  • Quality content

Original, excellent, and pertinent material that keeps readers on the page and coming back for more is exactly what your advertisers are searching for, and it’s the same stuff that brings a lot of traffic to your website. For instance, you may publish thought leadership, behind-the-scenes interviews, how-to articles, and more on a blog dedicated to your business.

  • Loyal audience

While a lot of traffic is nice, a devoted following is more priceless. Ad space can really still be sold from a low-traffic website. It all boils down to your audience’s degree of involvement, which is a crucial statistic for quality websites according to many advertisers. Some marketers are prepared to shell out more money to reach a devoted, highly engaged audience that will return time and time again for fresh material.

  • High traffic

For a website to be appealing to advertisers, it has to have a lot of visitors. Advertisers will draw more notice the more visits your page receives. If you go straight to the advertiser, you may sell advertising space on your website without any visitors. However, there are thresholds on some advertising networks and affiliate networks. Some networks may have restrictions regarding bounce rate (e.g., you need to have a bounce rate of less than 50%) and require your site to have at least one million monthly visits in order for you to join.

  • Smart design

The same design elements that offer visitors an excellent user experience are sought after by advertisers. It’s crucial to have easy navigation in addition to a visually pleasing design. Your website should offer a seamless user experience from page to page and optimum user engagement. Additionally, ensure that load times and latency don’t detract from the user experience if you want to include advertisements on your webpages.

Three ways to sell advertising space

If your site already has a solid flow of traffic, a significant audience and quality content, it’s time to think about money. Owners have various options of selling ad space on a website.

Programmatic advertising

The practice of selling internet advertising using automated systems is known as programmatic advertising. Real-time auctions are used to sell ad spots, giving publishers the opportunity to optimize income as advertisers fight for impressions.

Advertising companies bid on individual impressions rather than purchasing ad units. After then, website owners may charge more for an audience that is in demand and obtain their sites’ true market worth.

The automation of the purchasing and selling procedures is advantageous in this case. Programmatic advertising will match the correct advertisements with the proper audience, so there’s no need to look for media buyers to put relevant ads or wait for the suitable affiliate program.

This enables publishers to maximize income, streamline the process, and optimize sales. In addition, companies may better grasp the worth of their inventory and obtain insightful knowledge from real-time analytics, enabling them to better alter it for a highly competitive bidding market.

Sell ​​advertising space directly

Direct ad sales provide you the most control over the advertising process. For website owners who also wish to boost traffic, this is a smart alternative.

You do not require an ad network if you directly sell ad space. All you do is establish a direct relationship with the company, like SmartyAds, or brand that is being promoted. By selling advertising space directly, you may make long-term agreements and set aside specific ad blocks for particular sponsors.

It goes without saying that direct sale of advertising space entails dealing directly with consumers, forming special business alliances, and negotiating and reaching agreements with both sides. Thus, invest some time in determining the true worth of your target market before selling advertising space on your website.

Partner advertising

Lastly, you might start selling advertisements by joining an affiliate network. A publisher or marketer who posts an affiliate link on their blog, social media page, or website is known as an affiliate. Partners might include content platforms, small and medium-sized websites, big companies, and individual influencers.

An affiliate should ideally publish articles on a sector that is closely linked to the product they are endorsing. Promotion appears more appropriate and natural because the target audience for the advertiser and the content are the same.


Before making a decision, digital publishers that want to sell advertising space should thoroughly weigh their possibilities. We have examined common strategies for selling advertising space in this post. Every approach offers advantages and disadvantages, regardless of which one you select. It all boils down to how much control you desire and which kind is most appropriate for the sort of website you have. Consider carefully what your objectives are and how much time you can dedicate to them, both in the beginning and over time. But if you have a hard time making a choice, you can always turn to SmartyAds experts for advice.

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