Top 5 Early Signs of Rats Every Homeowner Should Know!

Do you think your home is playing host to unwelcome rat guests? Spotting early signs of rats in your home and getting help from a reliable pest control company in Sharjah can save you from a world of pain that results due to the cost of replacing damaged stuff, extensive rat control treatments, as well as general emotional trauma!

Gnaws, Scratching, Trails & More: The Top 5 Early Signs of Rats

Don’t forget: rats carry diseases as they invade and ravage your home. Needless to say, spotting these creatures and getting rid of them as soon as possible is crucial for your well-being. Read on to learn some of the early signs of rat infestations in your home:

Sign #1: Gnaw Marks, Chewed Belongings

When looking for food, rats gnaw through pretty much anything soft enough for their teeth. That is why one of the early signs of rats in your home is that things around your home have been chewed on. Look around and spot the following to know that rats are roaming through your property:

  • Wires and cables that have gnaw marks. Some of these may even be cut completely. 
  • Rats also chew paper and cardboard, so look for any boxes that suddenly have holes.
  • If you have hardwood walls in your home or garage, rats may chew through these.

Also, know whether the gnaw marks are by rats or mice. The warning signs you might have mice in your home include mouse holes, which are tiny—about half to three-quarters of an inch wide. On the other hand, rat holes are much larger, roughly an inch—and these also have rough edges.

Sign #2: Pattering, Scratching & Squeaking Sounds 

Yes, you can count sounds as early signs of rats. All rodents are most active when the sun sets. So, listen for any weird noises at night; unlike roaches or ants, rats don’t roam around with zero sound. Their tiny feet can make a pitter-patter noise, which is loud enough when there is pin-drop silence. 

Also, listen for any strange scratching sounds. When rodents try to get through things by chewing on them, the sound resembles light scratchy noises. Plus, these creatures have a distinct squeak, which you may hear coming from the roof or behind the walls at night.

Sign #3: Fecal Droppings & Urine Pools

Droppings and urine are some of the clear early signs of rats in your home. You’ll find the rat poop anywhere around the apartment, but most commonly in various nooks such as crawl spaces and wall baseboards. In houses, rats spend a lot of time in (and defecate in) basements and garages. 

Rat droppings are initially dark and damp, but turn dry and gray with time. Even if you come across these droppings without actually seeing a rat, know that there is a creature hiding nearby—or many hiding nearby!

Urine pools made by rats are harder to spot if you live somewhere hot and it dries quickly. But know that rats leave their urine all over the place—as a way to mark their territory. To locate urine hotspots, use black or fluorescent light when trying to uncover a possible rat infestation in your home.

Sign #4: Tracks & Trails In Similar Patterns

Signs of rats include checking if any ‘tracks’ appear. One of the techniques used by pest control Sharjah municipality approved during an inspection is spotting familiar trails. Rats follow the same pathways when roaming around a space, which means they leave footprints, smudges, droppings, and urine stains in these places as well. 

If you want to spot rat footprints, look for any dust or dirt that may reveal their tracks. To be completely sure that these tracks are the signs of rat infestations in your home, sprinkle baby powder or flour in various spots around your home at night. Wait until the next morning to see if you can spot track marks.

Sign #5: Foul Ammonia-Like or Sour-Smelling Odor

Seeing the gnawed belongings and strange sounds but no droppings or urine pools? Use your sense of smell, and try to detect an unpleasant stench that wasn’t present before in your home. Rat urine leaves behind a signature smell of stale ammonia. 

If you have any kids, you may find the resemblance between this smell and that of baby diapers. The larger the infestation, the stronger and more widespread the ammonia smell becomes around your home.

Unfortunately, the messiness of rats does not end here. Another type of smell that serves as one of the early signs of rats is the foul odor of dead rats. The scent of a deceased rodent is very strong, a kind of sour smell that lingers for days, even weeks.

Bottom Line

The signs of a rat infestation also include nests or any odd behavior by any cats and other pet animals in the home. However, many of these signs appear long after a rate infestation is well underway—so make sure you’re attentive to all the early symptoms of trouble!

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