Understanding The 4 Top Challenges With Online Meetings & How Meetingtor Can Help Address Them

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, the use of online meetings has increased in popularity in different organizations across the world. Hosting and getting to record online meetings today comes with tons of benefits – this explains why organizations have shifted their focus to it. For instance, hosting online meetings is cost effective, as it eliminates the need for various travel expenses. Taking this move also helps to improve how different participants, including remote workers, gain access to the meetings.

As with conventional in-person meetings, hosting online meetings also has its issues. As you read on, we’ll explore the major challenges that people often face when they host and record video meetings. In addition, you’ll also discover exactly how Meetingtor, an AI-powered meeting assistant, can help address these challenges.

1.  Scheduling issues

Scheduling issues are one of the most common challenges that people encounter when looking to host and record online meetings. Many people struggle in this aspect because they fail to coordinate the availability of the meeting participants due of busy schedules or different time zones.

With reliable AI-powered meeting assistants, such as Meetingtor, this issue can be addressed quickly. This assistant will automatically analyze the calendars of participants. This makes it pretty easy for the assistant to come up with a more convenient time that suits most participants’ schedules.

2.  No room for side conversation

Side conversations are pretty common with conventional in-person meetings. But you can’t say the same for most virtual meetings today. Without side conversations, it becomes pretty difficult for participants to feel connected during the meetings. But connection is crucial for creating a positive work environment.

One way to address this issue is by taking advantage of Meetingtor. This AI-powered meeting assistant can assist in managing the meeting agenda. Meetingtor will help you share important meeting materials, giving the participants enough time to work on them. By working on the agendas early enough, participants will be able to contribute  actively to the success of the meetings.

3.  Note taking

One crucial aspect of all meetings today is detailed notes taking. Taking notes and going ahead to record meetings are two effective ways to get specific details regarding the meeting conversation.

One issue, however, that many people face when taking detailed notes, is they tend to miss out on specific meeting details. Taking notes will most likely cause divided attention, which may prevent team members from actively participating in the meeting.

The good thing is that the best AI-powered meeting assistant can help address this aforementioned issue. This assistant is designed to automatically join online meetings. First, the assistant works by going ahead to automatically record Zoom meetings or other virtual app meetings.

Next, the tool will proceed by automatically assisting you in taking detailed notes. This move will help you focus your attention and actively participate in the meeting. You don’t need to bother about taking detailed notes, as Meetingtor will take care of that aspect.

4.  Meeting summarization

Meeting summarization is a big challenge that many people encounter during online meetings. It’s normal for participants to forget the key details regarding meeting conversations. This problem is likely to surface if the meeting covers different topics or is very lengthy.

With Meetingtor, you won’t need to forget these key details. This assistant has a feature that allows you to record video meetings. With the recordings from the meeting, you can always re-listen to your favorite meeting conversation. This will allow you to confirm the key details necessary to draft the summaries. Besides, Meetingtor can also automatically summarize your recordings and share them with people that missed the meeting.

You can visit the official website to better understand how Meetingtor works to summarize, transcribe, and record online meetings.

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