Understanding the Challenges Associated With Construction Projects & Why Hiring QS Experts is Crucial

Executing a construction project today comes with several potential issues. For instance, a recent study reveals that almost all construction projects often come in over budget. As a stakeholder who is strict on budget, you certainly don’t want to overspend on your construction project. To avoid this problem, hiring a reputable freelance quantity surveyor in Dublin may be crucial.

Apart from overbudgeting, executing construction projects certainly have several other challenges. You’ll discover these problems as you read on, including how a reliable quantity surveyor in Ireland can address them.

1.  Over budgeting

The complexity and scale of construction projects are two of the factors that cause over-budgeting. As a stakeholder, you need to do all you can to avoid cost overrun, as this can significantly influence your finances.

Uncertainties in market conditions may also lead to overbudgeting. These uncertainties can surface due to the ups & downs in prices of construction materials and costs of labor. Furthermore, inaccurate cost estimations and changes in project scopes can also cause over-budgeting.


One effective way to address the issue of over-budgeting in construction projects is by hiring reliable quantity surveyors in Dublin. These experts can help prevent these issues in different ways.

  • For instance, they can address the issue of uncertainties in market conditions by making accurate forecasts of the entire costs for executing the project.
  • Freelance quantity surveyors can also help with effective cost control. With advanced software tools, they’ll effectively prevent cost overrun, which can hurt your finances.
  • Regardless of the changes to your project’s scope, you can always rely on Rory Connolly to deliver the best results. QS experts have measures in place to adapt quickly to changes in construction requirements, deliver top-notch solutions, and avoid overspending.

2.  Inadequate risk management

Today, many risks are associated with executing construction projects in Dublin. Some of these risks include:

  • Budget overrun
  • Failing to meet deadlines for project completion
  • Design flaws
  • Shortages in construction materials
  • Changes in construction requirements
  • Problems with labor

These aforementioned risks can hurt your project significantly. For instance, budget overruns may result in different financial problems. Failing to meet deadlines may attract extra costs and lead to loss of revenue. Design issues may disrupt schedules. To avoid these issues, hiring the right quantity surveyor in Dublin may be crucial.

For instance, experts at Rory Connolly will take advantage of their expertise and years of experience to identify potential risks associated with your construction project. They also have various measures in place to mitigate these risks and help you get the most out of your project.

3.  Issues with contract management

You can’t start a construction project today without a contractual agreement. Managing the contract is crucial, as you need it to:

  • Mitigate construction risks
  • Stay compliant with different regulatory requirements.
  • Meet quality standards necessary to achieve a successful project.
  • Resolve conflict more effectively

When not properly handled, contract management may become a big problem during the construction process. This issue may likely surface due to different factors, including changes in requirements, unclear scope of work, inadequate subcontractor management, and many more. The best QS in Dublin can help you handle the entire contract management and prevent the aforementioned issues from occurring.

Need help finding a suitable freelance quantity surveyor in South Dublin today? If yes, we recommend Rory Connolly. This firm has a team of experienced QS experts with proven strategies in place to deliver projects promptly. You can visit the official website to better understand how Rory Connolly’s services work.

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