Understanding The Different Types Of Work Clothes & How To Choose The Right Ones

Work clothes are one of the things you need to consider when buying the perfect personal protective equipment today. Comfortable, safe clothes are very crucial to help you stay productive at work. Besides, these clothes are also important, as they’ll provide your body with maximum protection.

Today, the best safety work clothes are available in different types. This explains why many people often struggle when choosing the perfect option, based on their work conditions. If you’re currently experiencing this type of issue, then this post is all you need to identify and pick the best work clothes today.

Types of clothes


If you work in an industrial setting, such as a construction site or factory, the type of clothes you need will be different from those that work in automotive companies. The perfect industrial work clothes should come as a combination of short or long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

Comfort and durability are two important factors worth considering when choosing the right industrial work shirts. You should choose shirts that come with any of these materials:

  • Cotton/polyester blends
  • Ripstop fabrics
  • Moisture-wicking materials


If you work in an automotive company, you also need durable shirts. These shirts are long-lasting because they’re designed to withstand the demanding tasks that come with working in automotive companies.

No doubt, automotive shirts are available in different types today. But we recommend going for products that are button-up. Also, polo-style shirts, which can either be long or short sleeves are ideal.

Furthermore, you also need durable coveralls and jackets if you work in an automotive company. The perfect work clothes should be durable enough to handle different types of stains, such as caustic fluid and oil spills. A good example of protective work clothes worth buying at Imta Technics today is this 3874 Longa T-Shirt. This work shirt is breathable and durable, all thanks to its polyester and Viloft® material. This product also comes with underarm ventilation, which ensures you stay productive and comfortable while working.


As a career person, the perfect work clothes are the ones ideal for office settings. For instance, you can always go for work shirts that are very comfortable and designed with professionalism in mind. A good example is this button-down Cotton Shirt 431 Vl. As the name suggests, this product is made with durable, flexible, and comfortable cotton material. This everyday work shirt puts safety in mind, as it offers its users freedom of movement at work.

Food processing

If you work in a food processing company, you’ll agree that the right work clothes should be durable and capable of withstanding rigorous cleaning. The perfect clothes should be designed with comfort and safety in mind. In addition, these clothes should adhere to the industry’s safety standards.

A good example is this comfortable Food Short Jacket 3003 P154. This product complies with the safety standard DIN 10524. It also comes with a durable material and adjustable sleeves, which will help you stay comfortable and productive at work.

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