What Size and Floor Plan Options Do I Have for a Mobile Office Trailer?

Office trailers come in standard sizes and floor plans for applications like construction sites, administrative offices, sales centers, remote clinics, and schools. The standard dimensions are adjustable, expandable, and customizable to fit the spatial needs of each customer. Here’s more information about the size and floor plan options for mobile office trailers:

Single-Wide Office Trailers

The single-wide dimension is one of the most common office trailer sizes. It offers a single unit with a width of 8 to 14 feet. Single-wide office trailers have space for one private office and an open area for other purposes, such as storage. The length of the office is customizable based on your needs, but each supplier has a unique inventory of standard sizes.

Common size options include widths of 8, 10, and 12 feet and lengths ranging from 20 to 60 feet. These dimensions give your business 160 to 720 square feet of office space to work with. Single-wide trailers usually offer room for one to six employees when used as offices and three to seven people when used as meeting spaces. They also come with customizable built-in desks, cabinets, and overhead shelving.

Double-Wide Office Trailers

If you want more width in your office trailer, choose the double-wide configuration, which is two single-wide units welded together. Double-wide mobile office trailers have widths ranging from 24 to 28 feet, offering enough room for multiple separate areas within the unit. The trailers also feature a large open area for storage, meetings, or extra office spaces. Because of the expanded width, these office trailers can feature a break area or kitchen. 

Double-wide units also come in varying lengths, giving you more than 1,000 square feet of temporary office space. These units are suitable for projects that require more space and privacy, with enough room for four private offices. Double-wide trailers are also more open and accessible, with customizable floorplans that fit desks, chairs, coat closets, and restrooms.

Triple-Wide Office Trailers

The triple-wide office trailer dimension is the widest option, featuring three single-wide units welded together. Triple-wide trailers offer enough space for larger teams and are ideal for long-term projects and high foot traffic. Because of their oversized nature, the individual single-wide units are delivered separately and attached on-site to create the triple-wide space.

Triple-wide trailers are at least 42 feet wide, with common sizes being 42 by 76 feet. Floor sizes are customizable, so you can find unique rectangular dimensions like 152 by 60 feet or square options like 60 by 60 feet. The extra width offers enough space for multiple private offices and closets, a large gathering area, and restrooms. Some models also combine single and double-wide units with different floor plans to create custom modular buildings for unique workflows.

Custom Modular Floorplans

Office trailers are flexible modular buildings you can customize to suit your business needs. Whether you run a healthcare practice or construction operation, these buildings offer adjustable floorplans with unique partitioning options. Some plans have dozens of separate offices with large open areas, while others feature double offices with separate entrances. Office trailers can also be custom-fitted with the features you need for your operations.

Customizable features include drop-down ceilings, floor tiles, and built-in desks and wall cabinets. You can request a unique combination of the equipment and fixtures you want installed in the buildings. Mobile trailer providers usually have customizable plans for different uses, from small portable ground-level offices to permanent industrial buildings. Choose a unique configuration or work with the provider to customize your space as needed.

Find Mobile Office Trailers

Office trailers offer innovative space solutions for various industries, including healthcare, construction, education, and retail. These prefabricated structures are fully customizable to cater to your business’s spatial needs. Speak to a leading modular building provider today to learn more about purchasing standard and custom mobile office trailers.

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