Chevy Chase Net Worth

Chevy Chase Net Worth, Career, Age, Height, Awards, And More

In 2024, the well-known American comedian and actor Chevy Chase net worth of $50 million. This iconic figure was born on October 8, 1943.

Chevy Chase Net Worth

According to reliable information from Celebrity Net Worth, the celebrated American actor, comedian, and writer – once hailed as the ‘funniest man in America’ by a New York Times magazine. He has a $50 million net worth as of right now.

His earnings flow in from various channels, including television appearances, films, his writing career, and hosting gigs (remember his Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live?). He was the guy who consistently delivered nothing but hits. Sure, there was a bit of a career slowdown in the middle, but the NBC show “Community” brought back his A-game, and he was once again dominating the entertainment scene just like in the good old days.

Chevy Chase

Today, TheRichNetWorth is here to walk you through his remarkable professional achievements, the cash he raked in from them, and shed light on some other aspects of his life. Get ready for the inside scoop!

Chevy Chase Income Source

ActingMainly through film and television roles
WritingCreating and producing content
ComedyStand-up performances and comedic roles
Television HostingHosting award shows and variety specials
EndorsementsBrand endorsements and partnerships

Notable Salaries

Alright, let’s step into the glitzy world of late 1980s Hollywood with Chevy Chase. Imagine this: the man was riding the success wave, hauling in a jaw-dropping $7 million for each movie. Now, that’s not just making films; that’s hitting the jackpot, like winning $15 million in today’s Tinseltown.

Now, let’s get personal. Think of Chevy in iconic films like “Fletch” and its sequel “Fletch Lives” – he wasn’t settling for anything less than a cool $7 million for each gig. Time travel to 1989’s joyous atmosphere, when he’s making $6 million for the hit movie “Christmas Vacation.” And what do you know? In today’s Hollywood lingo, that’s a cool $12.5 million. But the story doesn’t end there; he adds another $6 million for the invisible shenanigans in “Memoirs of an Invisible Man.”

But hold on, it’s not just about the big hits. Picture Chevy making his mark with a solid $4 million for “Cops and Robbersons,” another $2 million for “Man of the House,” and yet another $4 million for the wild ride in “Vegas Vacation.” It’s not just about movies; it’s about Chevy Chase making waves, not just on the screen but in the Hollywood cash flow too.

Chevy Chase Early Life

Chevy Chase Early Life

Chevy Chase, or Cornelius Crane if we’re going formal, came into the world on October 8, 1943, right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of New York City. His folks were Edward Tinsley “Ned” Chase and Cathalene Parker – his mom, a concert pianist with a pretty interesting childhood story, having been adopted by her stepfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane. Now, let’s talk about family tree highlights: his granddad Edward Leigh Chase was an artist, and his great-uncle Frank Swift Chase was a painter and teacher. Plus, his grandma Cathalene was no slouch either – she rocked the opera scene.

Chase’s early years saw his parents split when he was just a wee four-year-old. Post-divorce, both parents found love again – his mom twice, and his dad scored a connection with the Folgers coffee crew. Fast forward to 1962, and Chevy’s tossing his cap at the Stockbridge School. He flirted briefly with Haverford College before sealing the deal at Bard College in 1967 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

But before the bright lights and fame, Chevy did a bit of everything – from steering cabs and trucks to swinging a hammer on construction sites, waiting tables, picking fruit, tweaking audio, selling wine, and even ushering folks into theaters. The road to stardom? Paved with a colorful mishmash of life experiences for this man of many talents.

Chevy Chase Career & Achievements

Let’s take a stroll down Chevy Chase’s wild ride! Picture this: 1967, Chevy and pals co-founding Channel One, a comedy crew with serious cool vibes. Not only was he a funny man, but for Mad Magazine, he made a funny spoof of “Mission: Impossible” in 1970. His full-time occupation by 1973 was comedy, where he wrote and performed for “The National Lampoon Radio Hour.”

Chevy then had his big break when he made an original cast appearance on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) in October 1975. During his “Weekend Update” segment, he introduced the catchphrase “I’m Chevy Chase, and you’re not.” He was even named arguably the most underappreciated SNL player by Rolling Stone, which put him eighth out of all of them as of 2015.

Post-SNL departure in ’76, he kept the SNL flame alive, hosting the show eight times and making comebacks for anniversary specials. But Chevy wasn’t just hogging the small screen; he made a splash in films like “Tunnel Vision” (1976), “Foul Play” (1978), and the forever classic “Caddyshack” (1980). In the late ’80s, he was cashing in around $7 million per flick.

The ’90s, though, brought some bumps with three film flops – “Nothing but Trouble” (1991), “Memoirs of an Invisible Man” (1992), and “Cops & Robbersons” (1994). Even the National Lampoon party paused after “Vegas Vacation” in ’97. But Chase wasn’t one to back down. TV came calling with shows like “Law & Order,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Chuck,” and even a cheeky stint on “Family Guy.”

2009 marked his grand return to NBC in the hit sitcom “Community,” where he shared the stage with a killer cast. Four seasons deep, he kept the momentum with gigs like “Hot Tub Time Machine” (2010) and Netflix’s “The Last Laugh” (2019). Right now, he’s ready for “The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee,” “Panda vs. Aliens,” and the hilarious journey that is “Zombie Town.”

Numerous accolades followed, such as 1993 Hollywood Walk of Fame recognition, a 1998 Golden Palm award in Palm Springs, a Primetime Emmy Award nomination, and a Golden Globe award. He won Man of the Year from Hasty Pudding in 1993 and the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Harvard Lampoon in 1996. Chevy Chase, the guy who has been making history and making us laugh!

Chevy Chase Personal Life

Chevy Chase Personal Life

Chevy Chase’s life story is a tapestry woven with marriages, a growing family, and the ebb and flow of personal challenges. The current leading lady in his life is Jayni Luke, marking his third venture into marital bliss. Together, they’ve created a lively household filled with the laughter and joy brought by their three daughters. Expanding the family dynamics, there’s also a son named Bryan Perkins from Chevy’s earlier chapter of love.

Yet, life isn’t just about the highs. Like many navigating the unpredictable terrain of showbiz, Chevy has faced his battles with addiction. In 1986, he confronted prescription painkiller addiction head-on, seeking refuge and recovery at the esteemed Betty Ford Clinic. The struggle continued, and in 2016, he tackled alcoholism with a similar determination. These moments spotlight the grit and resilience needed to confront personal demons and march towards personal growth.

Chevy’s journey is a vivid reminder that even those in the limelight have their private battles. Yet, it’s through the unwavering support of loved ones and professional guidance that healing and restoration can unfold.

Amidst the challenges, Chevy stays dedicated to his family, navigating both personal and professional spheres. His wife and kids’ support and affection have grown to be his pillars of strength and comfort through all the ups and downs of life. Chevy Chase’s life story is a poignant monument to the triumph of love, tenacity, and the unbreakable ties of family despite everything.

Chevy Chase Age

Chevy Chase Age

Can you believe it? Chevy Chase is rocking 80 years as of 2024! Born in the heart of New York City on October 8, 1943, this guy has been a constant delight in the entertainment scene. With a career spanning ages, he’s brought laughter with his comedy flair and wowed us with his versatile acting. And guess what? Despite the ticking clock, he’s still a big deal, staying relevant and influential in the wild world of entertainment. Age is just a number, and Chevy’s proving it with style!

Chevy Chase Height & Weight

Chevy Chase isn’t just a comedy legend; he’s a tall one too, standing at a cool 192 cm, or 6 feet 3 inches. That towering height adds an extra dose of charisma to his already distinctive presence on screen. When it comes to weight, Chase keeps it healthy at 95 kilograms, or around 210 pounds. This combo of height and weight perfectly suits his tall and lean frame, letting him carry his unique style and humor with absolute grace and charm. It’s not just laughs; it’s laughs with a touch of tall and charming!

Primetime Emmy Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards

Let’s dive into Chevy Chase’s talent – the man not only brought the laughs but also penned them down like a champ. Imagine this: in 1976, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Writing in a Comedy – Variety or Music Series, mostly due to his brilliant work on “Saturday Night Live.”Then, just two years later in 1978, he does it again, grabbing another Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy – Variety or Music Special with “The Paul Simon Special.” It’s not just comedy gold; it’s the mark of a wordsmith extraordinaire!

Chevy Chase Nationality and Legacy

Alright, let’s get personal with Chevy Chase! Not only is this man an American legend, but he truly personifies the nation’s soul. Whether he’s writing, acting, or cracking jokes, Chase has cemented himself as a vital figure in American comedy, making a lasting impression on both domestic and international cultural scenes.

Imagine sharing a laugh with Chevy – he’s been the chief architect of joy for ages, making people smile from coast to coast. From those crazy family vacations in the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” flicks to the lovable Pierce Hawthorne in “Community,” Chase has sprinkled his unique humor all over the entertainment map, earning his stripes as a true legend in the world of laughs.

But it’s not just about the jokes; it’s the perfect timing, the physical antics, and that razor-sharp wit that make him a trailblazer in comedy. Even today, you can catch glimpses of Chase’s influence, with up-and-coming comedians taking notes from his playbook. He’s not just a comedy pioneer; he’s set the stage for the next wave of entertainers, leaving behind a comedic legacy that keeps the entertainment world lit up and buzzing.

Real Estate

Between 1990 and 2005, Chevy and Jayni called LA’s Pacific Palisades home, settling into a sweet spot sprawled across 5 acres. Nestled in a secure, gated community, Chevy invested a cool $1.2 million in sprucing up the place. In 1994, they threw it on the market for $3 million, but it took until 2005 to snag a buyer, and the final sale amount remains a mystery. These days, the couple mainly hangs their hats in upstate New York, embracing a different kind of homey vibe. Life’s all about new chapters, right?

Charity Event

Charity Event

Chevy Chase is a bit of a paradox in the American entertainment scene – both a controversial figure and one with a big heart. Behind the scenes, a substantial chunk of Chevy Chase’s net worth is quietly at work, supporting various charities dedicated to preserving wildlife, ecosystems, aiding St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and contributing to the National Children’s Museum. Though the exact figures are kept hush-hush, the impact speaks volumes.

In the realm of official philanthropy, Chevy Chase is a recognized player. Among the groups he is associated with are Amnesty International, the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Earth Day Network. Although it’s not often in the news, this aspect of him gives the guy behind the controversy more humanity.

Chevy Chase Financial Controversies

Chevy Chase’s journey hasn’t been all smooth sailing; it’s been peppered with controversies that stirred the pot of his official net worth. From a dressing room scuffle with Bill Murray back in 1978 during Saturday Night Live to recent clashes with his Community co-stars, he’s been no stranger to the wrong side of the headlines. These incidents not only cost him some prime projects but also chipped away at his professional standing.

One particularly tough blow was the fallout from using a racial slur directed at co-star Donald Glover, leading to his dismissal from the show and a significant hit to his market value. Reports of dicey behavior on set have also dogged him over the years.

When drug addiction and alcoholism are combined, the result is a stay at the Betty Ford Center, which was required in 1986 due to excessive use of prescription opioids. His earlier difficulties have left their impact, even though there haven’t been any reports of his spiraling out of control during another episode of drunkenness in 2006.

Yet, despite the rollercoaster, Chevy Chase somehow manages to keep the spotlight on his talent. People still cheer for his acting chops, choosing to overlook the controversies that have woven through his career. It’s a testament to the enduring allure of his skill, even in the face of very human challenges.


In 2024 Chevy Chase, our hero, the great American actor and comedian, had a $50 million fortune. Chevy’s path is a true tale of ups and downs, even beyond the belly laughs he brought us in beloved films like “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and “Community.” He’s faced personal battles, showing us the raw, human side, including the tough fight against his own struggles. At 80, he’s not just a comedy icon; he’s a reminder that life’s a journey, filled with both tears and laughter.

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