Sara Saffari Age

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Meet Sara Saffari, a 22-year-old American gal whose age has become a beacon of inspiration in the Instagram world. She’s not just any influencer – Sara’s all about fitness, and her posts have hooked in over 600k fans. She’s become a real go-to in the fitness community. But it’s not just about the likes and follows – Sara’s made quite a name for herself, stacking up an impressive $800000 in the bank. Talk about making waves both online and in the bank account!

Profile Summary

NameSara Saffari
Famous forFitness & Instagram Model
Date of BirthFebruary 27, 2001
Birth PlaceKentucky, USA
Age22 [as of 2023]
Zodiac signPisces
ProfessionInstagram star and fitness influencer
HomeTown/StateKentucky, USA
SchoolAdolfo Camarillo High School
CollegeNot Known
Educational QualificationNot Known
HobbiesGoing on a walk
Marital StatusUnmarried

Sara Saffari Age

Sara Saffari Age

At 22 years old in 2023, Sara Safari exudes youthful energy and remains a beacon of inspiration for her worldwide audience, thanks to her unwavering commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Sara Saffari Bio

Let me introduce you to Sara Saffari, a Kentucky native whose journey unfolds from Adolfo Camarillo High School to a currently undisclosed college where she’ll be tossing her graduation cap into the air come early 2023. At 22, Sara rides the wave of Pisces vibes, adding a celestial touch to her story.

When Sara first started out, she was all about hustle—hitting the basketball court and running the track. Exercise became a passion for her that developed into a lucrative career as a fitness influencer. It was more than just a habit for her.

Sara Saffari Bio

Due to her unwavering devotion to the internet, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, Sara has become well-known in the world of social media. Her fitness posts have struck a chord with a crew of dedicated followers, forming a real-deal fan base. But it’s not all virtual for Sara – she’s teamed up with other influencers, making a name for herself in the industry. And let’s not forget her YouTube channel, where she spills the beans on fitness hacks and lets us in on her life through vlogs. Sara’s journey isn’t just about reps and likes; it’s a tale of passion, hard work, and embracing the twists and turns of the social media world.

Sara Saffari Early Life & Education

Sara, a Kentucky native, grew up in the state and graduated from Adolfo Camarillo High School. While her current college details remain under wraps, she’s gearing up for graduation in early 2023. Throughout her academic venture, Sara’s been juggling books and building her online presence, mainly on Instagram, to stay connected with her audience.

BirthdateFebruary 27, 2001
Age22 years old
Zodiac SignPisces
High SchoolAdolfo Camarillo High School
Expected GraduationEarly 2023

Outside of the classroom, Sara’s love of physical fitness and her online persona have made her a well-known figure in the field. She’s not simply going to the gym; she’s motivating others with her fitness journey, remaining committed to her objectives, and trying to influence her following for the better. For Sara, it’s more than simply academics; it’s about working hard and cheering everyone up online.

Sara Saffari Career & Fitness Journey

Sara Saffari Career & Fitness Journey

Sara Saffari’s journey to becoming a social media sensation is a story rooted in her active childhood days on the basketball court and running around. Before the fame hit, she hustled through various low-wage gigs in restaurants and shops. It was in the spring of April 2021 that Sara found her escape from depression in the gym, and within a year, she transformed in ways that amazed even herself.

Proud of her progress, Sara decided to let the world in on her fitness journey through Instagram and TikTok, platforms she had been a part of for over five years. Early in 2022, the transition to fitness material was made, and the reception was very positive. Millions of people watched her videos, and by May 2022, she had 305k Instagram followers and 231k TikTok followers.

As her popularity skyrocketed, Sara built friendships with fellow influencers, making appearances in videos alongside Bradley Martin, 4fun, and others. Right now, she’s rocking 635k followers on Instagram and 759k on TikTok, with a jaw-dropping 24 million likes.

Then came April 2022, and Sara decided to up her game by launching her own YouTube channel. It’s not just about fitness; the channel is a mix of workout wisdom and vlogs, featuring cool guests like Bryce Hall and Alex Eubank. With over 35k subscribers and 2.5 million views, Sara’s YouTube journey is adding a whole new chapter to her digital adventure.

Sara Saffari Family

Sara Saffari Family

Sara Saffari has chosen to keep information about her Iranian parents under wraps, and no public details about them have been disclosed. The privacy shield around her family, specifically her parents, remains firmly in place, with no additional information currently available.

Despite the guarded privacy, Saffari is known to have a close bond with her family, particularly her brother, Ali Saffari. Sharing a mutual passion for fitness, Ali, a former active presence on Instagram, played a significant role in Sara’s fitness journey. She often credited him as her source of inspiration, highlighting his daily gym routine and workout videos that he used to share on the internet. Though Ali has stepped back from the online scene, the connection between the siblings remains evident in the influence he had on Sara’s fitness pursuits.

Sara Saffari Boyfriend

Sara Saffari Boyfriend

Sara Saffari’s love life remains a bit of a mystery, and she’s not romantically involved with Bradley Martyn. As of now, she hasn’t publicly shared details about her relationship status. Although she shares a close friendship and works professionally with Bradley Martyn, there’s no information out there about any romantic connections in her life.

Sara is all about her fitness journey and creating content, and when it comes to her personal life, she prefers to keep things private. Love might be off the public radar for now, but she’s certainly making waves in the fitness and content creation realms.

Sara Saffari Height, Weight & More

Sara Saffari, standing confidently at 5 feet 5 inches and tipping the scales at around 60 kg. Her whole vibe reflects a commitment to fitness and a lifestyle that’s all about feeling good. With those captivating brown eyes and light brown locks, Sara’s got a natural beauty that just clicks with her followers. Scroll through her socials, and you’ll see her proudly rocking a well-toned physique – the result of her fitness journey.

Now, when it comes to measurements, Sara’s got the kind of figure that turns heads – think 33-24-35. However, it’s more than just the figures; it’s about providing real-world inspiration and daily reinforcement that “you can do this” to individuals who look to her for fitness advice. Sara considers being physically active and striving for her own fitness objectives to be a way of life rather than merely a fad. And that’s the attitude she’s promoting in the wellness and health space.

Sara Saffari Lifestyle

Sara Saffari Lifestyle

Sara Saffari’s lifestyle is a canvas painted with her unique choices and activities. Steering clear of smoking, she only occasionally dabbles in alcohol. Sara’s not just a passenger; she’s confident behind the wheel, cruising regularly.

Beyond the roads, she’s got some kitchen magic, whipping up delicious meals with her cooking skills. Taking a plunge into the water is one of her favorite pastimes – swimming is right up her alley. While she’s not strictly tied to a particular exercise regimen, Sara is committed to staying fit with a regular gym routine.

Oddly enough, jogging doesn’t find a spot in her usual activities. This mix of preferences and habits gives us a glimpse into the distinct lifestyle that makes Sara Saffari who she is.

Sara Saffari Workout Routine

Sara Saffari’s workout routine is like her personal recipe for feeling good inside and out. It’s not just about lifting weights; it’s a mix designed to boost overall well-being, build those lean muscles, and keep the stamina going strong. She’s on it five to six times a week, giving each muscle group its moment to shine. Picture this: push days for chest, shoulders, and triceps; pull days for the back and biceps; and leg days for those powerhouse legs and glutes. And just when you think she’s done, comes the cardio and core workouts – sometimes as a separate session, sometimes as the grand finale.

Now, if you want to hop on the Sara fitness train, she’s got you covered. She’s dishing out her workout programs on Solin, a social fitness hangout. There’s the Six Week Summer Shred, a fat-blasting, toning-up plan to get you all set for summer. Then there’s Sara’s Strength Program, a four-week muscle-building, confidence-boosting journey. Whether you’re a workout newbie or somewhere in the middle, these programs are your ticket, whether you’re sweating it out at home or hitting the gym.

Sara Saffari Workout Routine

But Sara doesn’t stop there – she spills her workout secrets on YouTube and Instagram. From breaking down exercises to taking on challenges, she’s your virtual workout buddy. Check out hits like “MY FULL SHOULDER WORKOUT,” “MY FULL LEG DAY ROUTINE,” and “FULL BODY WORKOUT WITH BRADLEY MARTYN.” And hey, she’s not going solo – Sara’s teaming up with other fitness cool cats like Bryce Hall, Alex Eubank, and Jo Lindner, turning her fitness journey into a shared adventure for everyone in on the fun.

Sara Saffari Net Worth

It’s important to remember that Sara Saffari’s estimated net worth of $800,000 may not fully reflect her current financial circumstances, even though it does give some insight into her financial past. Her journey from working minimum pay jobs to being a prominent fitness influencer has happened in a short of months. The big players in her income game? Sponsorships, and she’s got some heavyweights like Rawgear, Gorilla Mind, Gymshark, Bloom Nutrition, and others on her team.

You’ll catch Sara actively flexing these brands on her Instagram and TikTok, often tossing out her referral code to earn a little something when her followers make a purchase. But that’s not all – she’s also delved into a membership program on Solin, where, for a cool $10 per month, subscribers get access to her lifting programs, abs routines, nutrition tips, and more. It’s not just about the dollars; Sara Saffari’s financial ride mirrors a real transformation in the fitness influencer scene.

Net Worth
Net Worth in 2023$800,000
Net Worth in 2022$550,000
Monthly Income$27,000
Annual Income$290,000
Income Sources

Zooming in on her financial portfolio from 2022 to 2023, Sara’s got it going on with income flowing in from all corners – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and those sweet sponsorship deals. Whether you look at it monthly or annually, her revenue stream is a steady current, highlighting her triumph as a standout in the digital and fitness influencer realm.


In a recent social media showdown, Jon Zherka, the controversial Twitch streamer and YouTuber, launched a verbal attack on Sara Saffari, a fitness influencer and Instagram model, using X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Zherka didn’t hold back, accusing Saffari of chasing clout, being a gold-digger, and labeling her a hypocrite. To make matters worse, he threw in derogatory comments about her appearance and personality. Unfazed, Saffari fired back, calling Zherka a leech, a loser, and a liar. Not stopping there, she even threw down the gauntlet, challenging him to a fight with Bryce Hall, another social media star.


This heated online feud set the internet ablaze, with fans and critics chiming in, either rallying behind or criticizing Zherka for his misogynistic post. The feud kicked off on October 7, 2023, when Zherka posted a tweet in support of Myron Gaines, a controversial figure in social media and fitness training known for expressing anti-feminist and anti-OnlyFans views. The drama continues to unfold, keeping the online community buzzing with speculation and opinions.

Social Media Accounts

Social Media PlatformHandle/Username
Facebook PageFacebook


Sara Saffari, the 22-year-old fitness force, is all about turning sweat into success. From her hoops-and-track days to conquering social media, Sara’s journey is a tale of grit and inspiration. With family by her side, a lifestyle uniquely her own, and a flourishing journey in fitness and fame, Sara’s making real waves. Stay tuned for more of this amazing journey!

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