How Christmas Cards Became A Hallmark Of The Holidays

Holidays are the time that bring together families and friends. There is a charm in the air.

What is Christmas about?

Christmas falls on the 25th of December every year marking the birth of Jesus christ.

This is a widely celebrated holiday, the festivities and preparations being weeks in advance !

The christmas eve that takes place on the evening of the 24th december is celebrated with the friends and family over a christmas eve dinner.

The morning held bright stockings and decorated christmas trees with history gifts under it for everyone!

One thing that christmas is incomplete without is the Christmas cards.

This hallmark of holidays is an age-old tradition that is held on this day and will go on for decades to come.

Let us read about the cards and how christmas cards become a hallmark of the holidays

  1. Origins of Christmas Cards
  • Early Origins: giving a christmas card is not a new practice at all. It is believed that since the victorian era, these cards have been circulated on this holiday among friends and family
  • First Commercial Cards: The first commercially produced Christmas card was created by Sir Henry Cole in 1843, featuring a design by John Callcott Horsley. This is the first reported instance of a printed commercial Christmas card that was bought and signed on this day. In the 19 century, the cards were printed with more designs giving people a wide selection to choose from.
  1. Spreading Holiday Cheer

The holidays center around celebrating as a community and spreading the joy of our friends and families. Christmas cards are a great tool to achieve the same. People started buying these cards and signing them with customized messages to distribute them among their circle. The commercialisation makde it easy for people to do the same indeed of making their own cards. The arrival of the cars in the market would also indicate the commencement of the chrismant season and the festivities.

The cards were also curated keeping in mind the treads and cultural references for a fresh and fun look that appealed to the masses.

  1. Commercialization and Mass Production

Companies like Hallmark understood the significance of the Christmas card and its importance. They started to make their own designs and gave people a huge selection of good quality cards to choose from. Sooner or later they become the leading card distributors and a people favorite.

During this time, pop culture was also buzzing with series like Harry potter. Hallmark collaborated with the popular franchise and artists to cater to the fans that could incorporate their interests into the holidays too.

  1. Tradition and Sentimentality

Eventually the act of card giving and receiving became a sentimental tradition. The convenience of storing a card made of memories that could be kept safely in a box for years to come.

Christmas cards also started to include family pictures to update their families and friends on their lives and the children since social media was not that common. This become a way of getting pictures and update son chlder, pets, marriages etc

Christmas cards all over the world are kept as memories and are looked back at even after years to cherish the beauty of the holidays.

They hold a sentimental value and are regarded as way more than a piece of paper. People look forward to giving and receiving christmas cards from their loved ones so they can cherish these memories forever.

  1. Global Impact and Cultural Exchange
    Christmas cards can also be easily sent internationally if your loved one loves far away from you. Even with the distance you can share the holiday joy and remind them that they are still included.

Christmas cards are globally recognized despite the different languages , cultures and traditions.

Parting words-

Started as simple act , christmas cards have become a tradition, even with new designs and fancy layouts, the spirit of holidays and the objective of these cards have remained the same through the eras, which is,

To spread joy and happiness.

It is indeed fascinating that a simple piece of paper can hold such cultural significance. The card does not only remain valid during the holidays, the thought behind these cards extend to years , being a core memory.

Their simplicity and cost efficiency makes them accessible to people of all ages and classes.

Truly, these historical gifts cards convey an important core message that the holidays are for everyone to share and enjoy.

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