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Nathaniel Prescott, the father of renowned Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, has had his share of ups and downs in life. His story is more than just that of a famous parent; it is one of tenacity and diverse experiences. Starting out as a commercial driver and finding his way into the football world, Nathaniel’s journey is anything but ordinary. Alongside his achievements, he’s also faced some tough legal battles. So, let’s take a closer look at the lesser-known chapters of Nathaniel Prescott’s life journey.

Nathaniel Prescott Biography

Nathaniel Prescott, affectionately called Nat, came into the world in 1961, right here in the United States. Growing up, he called Louisiana home, where he spent his early years shaping his identity. While he keeps the details about his family close, Nat proudly embraces his Afro-American roots and carries the flag of American nationality high.

Nathaniel Prescott Age

Nathaniel Prescott Age

Nathaniel Prescott, a native of the United States, entered the world in 1961, making him 63 years old as of 2024. While we’re still awaiting official confirmation of his exact birthday, we’ll make sure to provide updates as soon as they become available.

Nathaniel Prescott Career

Nathaniel’s career path led him through the bustling Louisiana oil fields as a commercial driver and later behind the wheel of an Austin city bus. Though he once harbored dreams of football glory, knee injuries dashed his hopes while playing linebacker and defensive end at Grambling State.

While details about his current profession remain scarce, Nathaniel pours his energy into supporting his son Dak, especially in looking after Dak’s cherished canine companions, Legend and GOAT.

Nathaniel Prescott Was Also A Football player

Dak inherited his love for football from his dad, Nathaniel. Growing up in Louisiana, Nathaniel himself played as a defensive end and outside linebacker at Grambling State University, as he shared in a 2017 interview with the Dallas Cowboys.

Though injuries cut short his playing days, Nathaniel’s passion for the game rubbed off on his sons. Tad and Jace became standouts at Haughton High School, making waves in the football scene, as reported by The Clarion-Ledger.

Tad went on to Northwestern State University to play offensive guard after graduation. Unfortunately, a “season-ending injury” in 2009 cut short his playing career.

Nathaniel Prescott Wife & Family

Nathaniel Prescott Family

Nathaniel Prescott has experienced marriage twice. While the specifics of his first union remain private, he later tied the knot with Peggy Prescott, who was of European-American descent. Unfortunately, their journey together ended in divorce when their kids were still young.

Peggy, who was Dak’s mother, bravely fought colon cancer but sadly passed away on November 3, 2013, at the age of 52. Dak holds dear memories of his late mother, remembering her as his guiding light.

In total, Nathaniel has five children: Elliot, Tad, Jace, Natalie Prescott-Smith, and Dak Prescott. Jace, inspired by his brother, followed a similar path, playing as an offensive lineman at Northwestern State.

Nathaniel Prescott Children

Nathaniel Prescott was blessed with five beautiful children. They are Natalie, Jace, Tad, Dak, and Elliot.

Nathaniel And Peggy Met In High School

Dak’s parents, Nathaniel and Peggy, were high school sweethearts who began their relationship in 1979. Although their sexual connection ended, they remained close friends.

“In 2017, Nathaniel told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, ‘Peggy and I divorced, but it didn’t affect my connection with my children. In addition, even after our divorce, Peggy and I had a weekly date every Wednesday. We were the best of friends. We just weren’t a couple anymore.'”

During an interview on “In Depth With Graham Bensinger” in 2020, Dak expressed that Nathaniel continued to see Peggy as his “best friend” even after their divorce.

Relationship with Dak Prescott

Relationship with Dak Prescott

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Dak Prescott and his father share a close and supportive relationship. Dak has made it clear that he values the strong bond he shares with Nathaniel, emphasizing his father’s unwavering presence and encouragement throughout his journey in life and career.

How Tall Is Nathaniel Prescott?

Nathaniel Prescott has a good height, measuring around 6 feet 1 inch. His son Dak, on the other hand, stands a bit taller at 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters).

Nathaniel Prescott Wife & Son Death

Peggy revealed a bombshell in the summer of 2012, shortly before Dak began his studies at Mississippi State University: she had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Faced with the difficult journey of chemotherapy, Peggy’s boys opted to shave their heads in a touching gesture to support mom amid her hair loss.

Peggy, who was always a rock of strength, refused to let her health prevent her from cheering on Dak during his games, even if she had to use a wheelchair. Sadly, in 2013, cancer claimed Peggy’s life, and the family endured another blow in 2020 when Jace, Dak’s brother, passed away by suicide.

To celebrate what would’ve been Peggy’s 60th birthday, Dak shared precious moments and snippets from their time together. At 30, Dak also launched the Faith Fight Finish 4 foundation, a nod to the inspiring words Peggy lived by, aiming to raise funds for cancer research and provide support to those facing the disease.

Dak Started A foundation In Peggy’s Honor

Dak Prescott continues to live by his mother’s powerful mantra, “Fight. Finish.” He even named his charity after her inspirational comments.

According to its website, Faith Fight Finish is committed to investing in the future of our youth by empowering individuals, families, and communities to find strength through tough times. The foundation’s primary goals include funding cancer research and providing essential mental health support.

Dak shared, “Losing my mom and witnessing her courageous battle motivated me deeply. Raising cancer awareness and educating others how to face hardship front on are important aims for me.

Tragically, Dak suffered another tragic loss when his brother Jace committed suicide on April 23, 2020. In response, Dak expanded the foundation’s mission to include prevention services, aiming to support those struggling with mental health challenges.

Dallas Cowboys Fan

Dallas Cowboys Fan

Nathaniel’s genuine love for the Dallas Cowboys shines through, as he proudly declares himself a lifelong fan. This Cowboys passion runs in the family and has been passed down to Dak, who carries on the tradition as the team’s quarterback.

Legal Troubles

Nathaniel Prescott found himself under the spotlight of media attention in August 2018 following his arrest for marijuana possession during a traffic stop in Orange County. He was subsequently released after posting a $500 bond.

Current Residence and Online Presence

Currently, Nathaniel calls Frisco, Texas home, having made the move in 2017 to be nearer to his youngest son, Dak. While Dak keeps up with social media on Instagram, Nathaniel prefers to steer clear of online platforms.

Net Worth

Although Nathaniel Prescott’s net worth isn’t publicly known, it’s evident that much of his recognition stems from being Dak Prescott’s father. Dak, boasting a net worth of $2 million, has made a name for himself as the star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, enjoying considerable financial success.

Final Words

In conclusion, Nathaniel Prescott’s life journey reflects a tapestry of resilience, love, and loss. From his roots in Louisiana to his steadfast support for his son Dak, Nathaniel’s story is one of strength and determination. Despite facing personal challenges, including the loss of his wife Peggy and son Jace, Nathaniel remains a pillar of support for his family. His commitment to Dak’s success and his unwavering love for the Dallas Cowboys underscore his enduring spirit. As he resides in Frisco, Texas, Nathaniel’s presence in Dak’s life continues to shape their bond, transcending the highs and lows with grace and fortitude.

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