Unveiling the Benefits of Custom Printing for Startup Industries

If you are a startup company you know how much work goes into sustaining your little venture while maintaining the quality as well. But like any new business, there is a mountain worth of new knowledge that goes unseen until you are deep into the business already.

If you are thinking about incorporating Saddle stitched booklet printing into your start-up, don’t worry, we have you covered.

What is custom printing?

When you go to a store to buy a new magazine or a new notebook, you have multiple options to choose from, but they all have one thing in common, the brand print.

No matter what you buy today, the mass-produced equipment will have the brand print.

Now imagine you get to decide what goes on the covers of a book, magazine, postcard etc.

And not only the cover, but you create the content too!

This is achieved by custom printing.

Perfect bound book Printing means having a personalised item that is curated  by you.

No matter what you want to custom print, it could be a booklet, a zine, postcards, busniess cards. The possibilities are endless.

Importance of branding for startups

As a startup we understand the hardwork and dedication that goes into creating and sustaining your brand. But this needs to reach the audience in the way you want as well.

Without audience engagement your business might not get the reach that it rightful deserves.

It is your right to be able to showcase your ideas in the way you want.

This is why custom printing is necessary for startups as it sets you apart from your crowd creating your unique image in the public eye. You can also use custom printing to creat a theme that is always associated with your brand.

How custom printing can help start-ups

If you are still hesitant about custom magazine printing then allow us to get into detail about how it can boost your business and help you create your own market space.


You might think,

“Custom printing seems costly, maybe i should stick to buying mass produced items only?”

Well fortunately you are wrong.

Custom printing can actually help ypou save more money on the printing.


With custom prtinginh you can decide exactly what you want to creat and how to produce it as well. This means that you have full authority over choosing the paper, binding, ink type etc

Being on a budget doesnt mean you will have to settle for a bad design either.

Here are a few ways to save money with custom printing

  • Start with lesser prints until you get an idea of the requirement. This will save money and prevent any unnecessary wastage.
  • Ecofriendly eco friendly paper such as cotton paper, seed paper etc can not only help you save money but you will be contributing to a cause as well.
  • Usning eco friendly inks to print can also help you save money.
  • You can opt for a minimalistic design that will reduce the printing cist without hindering your design.


Custom printing allows you to mpersonalise the items entirety creating a more intimate experience. This is also a way of communicating with your audience.

With items like a magazine or a booklet, you can tell your story and how your brand come to be so that people can relate and understand you more.

This also creates an open dialouge with with audience which is crucial for a long term partnership as well.

So Feel free to get personal with your printing and tell you story out loud!


Custom printing is an excellent tool for marketing if used correctly. With custom printing you can get your brand name and logo to reach every house and office and it can help you gain clout.

Since the goal is to have people identify your brand from simply a logo, it is very important that you put a lot of thought perfecting the brand logo and brand theme.

Ensure that you remain consistent with the brand theme as it will set the sail for the brand’s easy identification leading to its popularity.


With custom printing you can  no limitations on your creqtiviluy.

So let thise creative juices flow and creat whatever you want to tell the story of your brand and what your business represents.

This also allows you creat a unique space when there are endless brands available in the markt cometeing for the same thing.

Creativity makes the experience more personal for the consumers as well which will creat a better bond.

Here are  Some tips for getting creative with custom printing

  • Understand your audience and cater to what they want.
  • Experiment with new designs and coulor themes
  • Use fun fonts that are eye catching
  • Include pop culture references for maximum reach.

We hope this article was of help and wish you the best for your startup journey.

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