What is Compass Advocacy?

COMPASS is delivered in schools, community centers, religious institutions, public housing and parks recreational facilities throughout NYC. Youth participate in programming ranging from sports and arts to youth leadership.

COMPASS is a digital, therapist-supported, CBT programme that treats illness-related distress in the context of physical LTCs. Data will be analysed by a researcher blind to treatment allocation.

Whether your goal is to increase awareness, educate lawmakers on your policy agenda, or rally grassroots support, lobbyists can help you achieve your government relations goals. Lobbyists have a deep understanding of the legislative process, political landscape and know how to build relationships that will impact your organization.

CAN Compass Advocacy Network is a bold and creative organisation supporting children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues. Based in Ballymoney, CAN works throughout the Causeway Coast and Glens and Mid Ulster at both a local and strategic level to ensure their voices are heard.

Family members gathered at Compass’s first-ever Family Advisory Committee (FAC) meeting. FAC is a group of parents receiving services who meet to provide feedback, advocate for committee-set priorities with City Government, and build community. The FAC will continue to convene through 2024. The meetings are a part of the ongoing commitment to put families at the center of everything we do.

Public Relations

Whether it’s promoting an annual event, developing social media campaigns or mobilizing constituents for grassroots campaign support, our team will build relationships with legislators to help advance your organization’s interests. Our distinct networks and relationship-building skills can give your organization a competitive edge when lobbying in Annapolis.

The Compass Center began as a grassroots effort to work with victims of rape and has grown to offer counseling and advocacy services to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and human trafficking in the Sioux Falls community.

Grassroots movements require passionate individuals and organized groups to grow their impact and achieve their goals. Compass’s grassroots campaign management expertise can improve strategy, connect resources, and mobilize activists to reach new communities and people to power their ideals and progress.

Legal Needs

CAP services are free to children, adolescents, and adults (male and female) who have been impacted by sexual assault/abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, or homicide/violent crime. Counseling is provided by licensed therapists who specialize in victim trauma. CAP services are also free to non-offending family members who have experienced trauma. Services are covered, in part, by most health insurance plans and through the Office of Crime Victims Compensation.

Morgan focuses on building relationships with key decision makers, and facilitating policy change through grassroots campaigns. She wears many hats, from lobbyist to brand strategist, connecting the dots between government relations and public relations.

Grassroots Campaign Management

The core of grassroots campaigns is the passion of individuals who unite to create change. However, a successful campaign also requires a well-organized team of professionals who can manage the details of the project and build relationships with supporters.

Establishing a brand is essential to the success of any grassroots campaign. A consistent message, logo, and spokespeople make a campaign more recognizable and can help to create an emotional connection with potential supporters.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any grassroots campaign, so it’s important to cultivate a strong network and make them feel valued and included. Hosting local events, such as community clean-up days or town hall meetings, can show your commitment to the people in your community and build trust with local leaders.

Modern grassroots advocacy campaigns also need to consider their technology needs. Tools like predictive dialing software allow volunteers to contact more people in less time, making canvassing more productive and efficient.

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