Why A Visit From A Drain Inspection Company Is Necessary For Your Factory?

In factories and industrial buildings, drains endure extremely heavy use and contamination exposure. Over time, all that wastewater takes a toll in the form of accumulation, cracks, blockages, and corrosion. Undiagnosed drain problems in manufacturing facilities can result in backed up sewage, flooded production areas, and even public health risks. Here’s why an inspection by a professional drain inspection company like The Relining Company is essential.

Avoid Raw Sewage Overflows

Faulty or clogged drains can easily back up raw sewage in a factory environment. Drain camera inspection locates any breaches or obstructions within the underground system on site. Identifying and clearing issues prevents uncontrolled overflows of untreated wastewater within your building.

Prevent Water Damage to Inventory and Equipment

If compromised drain lines leak or rupture under factory floors, water damage to valuable machinery, electronics, materials, and finished products can occur. Drain assessments pinpoint deficiencies that can lead to breaks before flooding happens. Safeguard your assets with timely examinations.

Meet Environmental Compliance Regulations

Industrial facilities must adhere to regulations regarding proper wastewater disposal. Drain inspections provide documentation that your system meets compliance standards. Violations incur major fines, making routine evaluations necessary to avoid non-compliance.

Maintain Sanitary Conditions for Employees

Backups of production wastewater can create unsanitary conditions. Drain testing ensures your system clears away all sewage and discharged byproducts adequately. Keeping drains fully functional maintains sanitary floors, equipment, and air quality for worker health and safety.

Prevent Hazardous Material Contamination

Broken drain lines may leak manufacturing runoff externally, allowing hazardous wastes to contaminate soils and local waterways. Drain inspections detect points of compromise before spills occur. This protects the surrounding environment from pollution.

Confirm Capacity to Support Facility Expansions

If expanding operations and production levels, confirming your drain system can handle increased wastewater volumes is critical. Drain inspections verify current capacity and determine if upgrades like larger pipes are needed to support growth.

Reduce Facility Downtime from Floods

If not addressed, drain problems can lead to factory downtime for clean up and repair after floods. Drain analysis spots issues so repairs can be made during planned outages. This prevents unscheduled shutdowns that delay production and shipments.

Avoid Foul Odors in Workspace

Clogs and backups create unpleasant odors that make for an uncomfortable workplace environment. Workers cannot focus on permeating smells. Routinely checking drains keeps airflow fresh.

Cut Down on Maintenance Costs

It costs far less to be proactive with drain upkeep than pay emergency plumbing charges after a calamity occurs. Drain assessments find deterioration early when repairs are most affordable before small problems become expensive calamities.

Limit Potential Litigation

If a drain failure on your property causes damages to neighboring properties, it could lead to lawsuits. Documented drain inspections demonstrate reasonable care was taken to maintain your system and prevent accidents.


Given the critical nature of drainage systems in an industrial setting, leveraging the expertise of professional drain inspectors just makes sense. Take a preventative stance, safeguard your assets, and avoid disruptions by scheduling a factory drain assessment today. Keep your facility operating safely and efficiently.

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