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Cissy Lynn, a beloved American country music artist and songwriter, really made a name for herself with the album “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter” and some smash-hit singles like “I Know How,” “Lonesome Town,” and “Was It Love or Whisky Talkin’.” Beyond her singing success, Cissy, who’s now 70, is also known as the daughter of the famous duo Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn.

Now, Cissy’s mom, Loretta Lynn, is no stranger to the spotlight, having bagged hit songs, gold albums, and Grammy Awards. The media couldn’t help but dig into Cissy’s life – her career, marriage, kids, and everything in between – thanks to her star-studded family tree.

This write-up takes you on a journey through Cissy’s musical world, spills a bit on her personal life, estimates her net worth, and even spills the tea on her marriage. Get to know the side of Loretta Lynn’s daughter, Cissy Lynn, that might not be as well-known.

Personal Profile

Full NameClara Marie “Cissy” Lynn
Popular NameCissy Lynn
Date of BirthApril 7, 1952
FatherOliver “Doolittle”
MotherLoretta Lynn
SiblingsBetty Sue Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn, Ernest Ray Lynn, Peggy Jean Lynn, Patsy Eileen Lynn
SchoolWaverly Central High School
Net Worth$1.5 million
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJohn Beams
ChildrenElizabeth Lyell Braun

Cissy Lynn Biography

Cissy Lynn, born as Clara Marie “Cissie” Lynn on April 7, 1952, entered the world in Butcher Hollow, Pennsylvania, USA. She has a strong bond with her American ancestry and proudly embraces her white background. She will be 70 in 2023, bringing a lifetime of experiences with her.

Her family history adds even more depth to her story; she is the famous people of Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn’s daughter. Her mother, a respected songwriter, and her father, Oliver, who made waves in the industry as a talent manager, shaped Cissy’s upbringing.

During her formative years, Cissy attended Waverly Central High School in Waverly, Tennessee, part of the Humphreys County School System. This educational journey played a significant role in shaping the person she would become.

Cissy Lynn Career

Crissy may not be as widely recognized in the music scene as her mom, but she has certainly left her own indelible mark. Her love affair with music began in childhood, as she soaked in the wisdom of a seasoned singer. Embracing the unmistakable country music vibe, she carries on the tradition set by her famous mother.

Joined by her husband, John Beams, and guided by her mom’s influence, Crissy ventured into the production of several albums. One noteworthy project involved putting their spin on some of Loretta Lynn’s iconic hits. As a dynamic duo, they hit the road, sharing the stage with John’s local band for an extended period. Their performances were a crowd-pleaser, featuring renditions of timeless tunes by Conway Twitty and George Jones that illuminated the nights.

Crissy took the plunge into solo artistry, releasing her own album titled “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter,” featuring nine standout tracks. Songs like “Memories Get in the Way,” “Letter to Loretta,” “Boomerang,” and “Should I Stop Dreamin’” showcase her musical prowess.

In a testament to her dedication to the craft, Crissy now manages her own music store named Cissie Lynn’s Country Store & Music Barn. This venture underscores her commitment to keeping the flame of music burning bright and vibrant.

Cissy Lynn Siblings

Cissy Lynn comes from a sizable family with five brothers and sisters, making her one of six siblings. Unfortunately, she has experienced the loss of two siblings, Betty Sue Lynn and Jack Benny Lynn.

Betty, the eldest among the siblings, passed away at the age of 64 due to emphysema. Jack, Cissy’s older brother, met a tragic end while working with horses and practicing blacksmithing on the ranch. His horseback crossing of the Duck River in Hurricane Mills resulted in a drowning accident.

Despite the heartbreaking losses of Betty and Jack, Cissy is fortunate to still have three other siblings. Her younger brother, Ernest Ray Lynn, was born on May 27, 1954. She also has two elder sisters, Patsy Lynn and Peggy. According to reports, the trio shares a profound love for music and actively participates in the family’s musical endeavors.

Cissy Lynn Parents

Clara Lynn is the offspring of the well-known duo Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn. Loretta has gained fame as a respected songwriter, while Oliver has made his mark in the industry as a talent manager.

Cissy Lynn Age

In the year 2023, Cissy Lynn will mark a noteworthy milestone as she celebrates her 71st birthday on April 7, 1952. Her birthplace is Butcher Hollow, USA.

Clara Mother Struggled Alone To Help Her Children Grow

From her early years, Clara witnessed both of her parents immersed in the demanding world of showbiz. While her mother, Loretta, gained fame as a country singer and songwriter, her father took on the role of a talent manager. However, this came at a cost – her dad’s presence was often scarce throughout her childhood.

Adding to the challenges, Oliver engaged in multiple instances of infidelity during their marriage. Furthermore, during a difficult time when Loretta was experiencing a miscarriage before the birth of her brother, Ernest Ray, Mr. Doolittle failed to offer support by visiting Clara’s mother.

These circumstances highlight several reasons why Loretta Lynn ended up raising all six of her children on her own. Despite the hardships, it’s evident that Loretta did an exceptional job as a devoted mother.

Who Is Cissy Lynn First Husband?

Cissy, the daughter of Loretta Lynn, has walked down the aisle twice in her lifetime. Prior to her current marriage to John, she was previously wed to Garry Lyell. Regrettably, her union with Garry endured for only a few years, and after their separation, Garry found love again with another woman.

Interestingly, Cissy shares a daughter with her first husband. Elizabeth Lyell Braun is her only child, and she has now blossomed into adulthood. Elizabeth is happily married to her husband, Chad Braun.

Cissy Lynn Husband

At the age of 70, Cissy Lynn has discovered happiness in her marriage. She exchanged vows with John Beams in an intimate and private ceremony. John isn’t just her life partner; he’s also a singer-songwriter who rocks the stage with the local band, The Black River Band.

Maintaining a level of privacy about their personal lives, not much information is available regarding whether they have children. Prior to her marriage to John, Cissy was previously wed to a man named Garry Lyell, but their union was short-lived and ended in divorce. Garry moved on and remarried, but unfortunately, his second wife passed away in 2016, marking a challenging period in his life.

Did Cissy Lynn Work with His Husband?

Certainly, Cissy Lynn and her husband, John Beams, joined forces on the creation of two albums, both produced under the watchful eye of Loretta Lynn, Cissy’s mother.

In an interview with Nashvillemusicguide, Cissy shared that her album serves as a heartfelt tribute to her mother’s classic songs, faithfully remade with a contemporary touch.

Expressing profound honor and satisfaction, Cissy spoke of the unique opportunity to collaborate on the project, particularly relishing the experience of having her mother contribute harmonies to the tracks.

Cissy also lauded her husband’s musical talents, highlighting his skills as a singer and songwriter, and emphasizing his lifelong love and dedication to music. She revealed John’s overwhelming joy at being part of the album, expressing immense happiness through this collaborative creative venture.

Cissy Lynn Height & Weight

Cissy Lynn stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Unfortunately, there are no additional details provided about her body measurements or weight. Additionally, Cissy Lynn has brown hair and brown eyes.

What Losses Has Cissy Lynn Endured?

Cissy Lynn has faced deep personal sorrows, grappling with the untimely losses of her siblings. Sadly, her brother, Jack Benny Lynn, met a tragic end at the age of 34 on July 22, 1984, while attempting to cross the Duck River at their family ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

In another heart-wrenching incident, Cissy’s sister, Betty Sue, succumbed to emphysema at the age of 64 near Loretta’s ranch in Hurricane Mills in 2013. These profound losses have undoubtedly left an enduring impact on Cissy and her entire family.

Cissy Lynn Net Worth

Being the daughter of a renowned singer like Cissie Lynn certainly comes with its advantages. Her life has been quite the journey, thanks to her mom’s fame, and she’s carved out a successful path for herself! As of August 2023, reports suggest that she is estimated to be worth around $1.5 million. However, it’s clear where she inherited her business acumen when you consider her mother, Loretta Lynn, whose remarkable net worth is almost $65 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth!

What Is Cissy Lynn Doing Now?

At present, Lynn holds the position of a manager at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, which encompasses an Event Venue, Campgrounds, and serves as a Tourism Destination. Her journey in the managerial role with the organization commenced in March 2012, and she has been dedicatedly contributing to its operations since then.

Final Words

Cissy Lynn, daughter of Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn, has carved her path in the music industry, showcasing her talent with hit singles and collaborative albums. Despite personal losses, she finds joy in her marriage with John Beams. Cissy continues the family’s musical legacy as a manager at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Her $1.5 million net worth is proof of her perseverance and commitment in the face of difficulty.

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