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Who is Jodean Bottom?

Jodean Bottom is the half-sibling of renowned Hollywood actors Joaquin Phoenix and the late River Phoenix. Her father left her mother after a secret relationship, leaving Jodean with a complicated family situation. Additionally, she shares half-sibling relationships with Liberty Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Rain Phoenix.

Joaquin and River Phoenix, both well-known figures in the film industry, discovered Jodean’s existence, prompting River to take steps to reconnect her with the Phoenix family. Despite keeping a low profile in the public eye, Jodean Bottom has played a significant role in supporting and influencing the lives and careers of her siblings. For further details about her story, read on.

Personal Profile

NameJodean Trust Bottom
Age59 years
Date of Birth29th February 1964
BirthplaceAmadora, Portugal
FatherJohn Lee Bottom
SiblingsJoaquin Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, River Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Liberty Phoenix

Jodean Bottom Biography

Jodean Bottom came into the world on 29th February 1964 in Amadora, Portugal, born into a Christian family. Her parents, John Lee Bottom and Trinity, served as missionaries in Portugal. Although Jodean was born there, the family later relocated to the United States. Unfortunately, she lost contact with her father after their move, as he left for Canada to avoid the military draft during the Vietnam War.

Raised by her mother, Trinity, in the absence of her father, Jodean’s life took a significant turn when River Phoenix, her half-brother, discovered her existence. River stepped up to the role of a caring brother, bringing Jodean into the spotlight and providing support in her life.

Jodean Bottom Age

Jodean Bottom came into the world on February 29, 1964, in Amadora, Portugal. At present, in 2023, she is 59 years old and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Jodean Bottom Career

Jodean Bottom has dabbled in different fields, from the world of acting to various media ventures. A familiar face at social events and on the red carpet, she not only graces public occasions but also wears multiple hats as a producer, host, and narrator for various TV shows and documentaries.

Beyond the glitz and glam, Jodean is actively involved as an ambassador for both the Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund. In addition to her professional roles, she’s a social media aficionado with a substantial following across different platforms.

Jodean’s mission goes beyond the spotlight; she uses her influence for philanthropy work, aiming to make a positive impact on others. Her passion lies in environmental issues, wildlife conservation, and animal rights, and she often shares her insights at universities, conferences, and events dedicated to these important causes.

Jodean Bottom Father

Jodean Bottom’s dad, John Lee Bottom, had a pretty down-to-earth start, born on April 5, 1947, in Fontana, California. His folks couldn’t swing the education bills, so he worked as a gardener and carpenter. In 1973, he joined the Children of God cult, ending up as the big shot, the Archbishop.

Now, here’s where it gets a bit complicated. He had a thing with Trinity, and out pops Jodean in 1964. Sadly, we don’t know much about Trinity after that.

Then, in 1969, he ties the knot with Arlyn Phoenix and they become jet-setting missionaries for the Children of God cult, bouncing around Mexico, South America, and the good ol’ U.S. of A.

When the Vietnam War draft rolled around, John decided to skip town and head to Canada. That left Jodean and her mom behind. River Phoenix came along in 1970, Rain Phoenix two years later, Joaquin Phoenix in ’74, Liberty Phoenix two years after that, and then Summer Phoenix, their youngest daughter.

Life in the cult wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. River faced some dark stuff there. Eventually, in 1977, they bailed on a freighter and landed in Englewood, Florida, bunking with Arlyn’s folks.

After ditching the cult, they did a name swap from Bottom to Phoenix for a fresh start. That’s why Jodean has a different last name than her step-siblings.

The family faced more ups and downs – John and Arlyn split in ’97 after 27 years together. Arlyn hitched up with Jeffrey Weisberg in 2001. Regretfully, John Lee Bottom, then 68, died of cancer in 2005. Yes, it’s a crazy roller coaster called life.

Jodean Bottom Family

Jodean became a part of the Phoenix family when River Phoenix, her half-brother, found out about her existence. She was in a relationship and had a daughter, whose name is not disclosed. Unfortunately, her boyfriend was never involved in their lives. Let’s delve into the profiles of the rest of her family, building on the details already provided about her father.

Arlyn Phoenix

Arlyn Phoenix, also known as Heart Phoenix, came into the world on December 31, 1994, in the Bronx, New York, to her Jewish parents, Margaret and Meyer Dunetz. Growing up, she shared her childhood with two sisters, Rhoda and Merle.

In 1968, she bid farewell to New York and headed to California, where she tied the knot with John Lee Bottom. Over the years, Arlyn has worn different professional hats, serving as an executive secretary at N.B.C. and later taking on the role of Executive Director at The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery.

In memory of her eldest son, River Phoenix, Arlyn, along with her second husband, Jeffery, established the River Phoenix Centre for Peacebuilding. The center reflects their commitment to promoting peace and positive change in honor of River’s legacy.

River Phoenix

John’s firstborn child, River Phoenix, was born on August 23, 1970, and will be 52 in 2022. His career in entertainment began when he was eleven years old, and the movie Support Me marked his big break. River left an indelible mark with stellar performances in notable productions like Indiana Jones and Running on Empty.

Beyond acting, River was a renowned musician who, along with forming the band Aleka’s Attic, showcased his musical talents. Unfortunately, River passed away on October 31, 1993, leaving behind a legacy that resonates in both the acting and music spheres.

Rain Phoenix

Rain Phoenix, Jodean’s half-sister, came into the world in Texas on November 21, 1972. Beyond being an actress, she’s also a musician. Rain kicked off her musical journey at the young age of 15 and went on to form the band Aleka’s Attic alongside her older brother, River.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix, born on October 28, 1974, stands out as the most celebrated member of the Phoenix family, thanks to his remarkable success in the film industry. His outstanding performance in The Master earned him the Best Actor award at the Venice International Film Festival, and he’s widely recognized for his iconic role in the movie Joker.

Liberty Phoenix

Liberty Phoenix, born on July 5, 1976, holds the position as the fourth child in the Phoenix family, born to John Lee Phoenix and Arlyn Phoenix. Apart from her pursuits in acting and singing, she takes on a significant role managing the River Phoenix Centre for Peacebuilding. This charitable organization, established by her mother in memory of River Phoenix, reflects the family’s commitment to promoting peace and positive change in the world.

Summer Phoenix

Meet Summer Phoenix, the youngest and vibrant addition to the Phoenix family, born on December 10, 1978. Beyond being the baby sibling, she’s left her imprint in various movies, earning her well-deserved credits along the way. What adds a sweet touch to her story is her journey as a spouse to Casey Affleck, with whom she’s creating a beautiful family and navigating the joys of raising two kids. If you’re into films, you might spot her in captivating roles, like in Roost and Mary Pickford: Love Wild.

Jodean Bottom Relationship

Jodean Bottom has been pretty hush-hush about her love life, and there’s no juicy info about a current boyfriend or husband. She hasn’t spilled the beans on her relationship status officially yet.

Fans have been dying to hear about her love adventures ever since she first came to public attention. It’s unclear if Jodean is blissfully committed but keeping it under wraps or if she is flying alone and focusing all of her attention into her job.

This media star, who has a low profile on social media, has done a fantastic job of hiding details about her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships.

Jodean Bottom Body Stats

Jodean Bottom is about 5 feet 5 inches tall, rocking a slim physique at around 60 kg. Picture this: stunning dark brown eyes and luscious black hair that’s just her signature style.

Let’s talk measurements—she’s got that perfect 36-28-36 ratio for her bust, waist, and hips. With an oval face and a comfortable size 8 (US) shoe, she’s got her own unique vibe.

Now, when it comes to hair, she loves that chic medium length, styled in a breezy beach wave look. Taking care of her skin is a priority, and she swears by natural products for that radiant glow. And guess what? Jodean keeps things active, going on long runs or bike rides to stay fit and fabulous.

Did River And Joaquin Have The Same Parents?

River and Joaquin share the same parents, John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix. The bond between the two brothers was close and strong, a connection that endured until River’s untimely passing.

Why Did Joaquin Phoenix Change His Name?

Joaquin chose the name Leaf to correspond with his elder siblings, River and Rain, who had more natural names. He did this because he looked up to them as a child.

The long-lost sister of the well-known Phoenix family, who have all achieved success in the entertainment business, is revealed to be Jodean Bottom. Sharing the same father, the family was overjoyed to reconnect with her after years of being separated.

Why Does Jodean Bottom Family Have A Different Last Name?

The Phoenix family has quite a rollercoaster of a backstory, and it’s hard to believe, given their fame today. Their journey began when they became part of the Children of God cult, relocating to Crockett, Texas, where John even held the position of Archbishop within the cult.

As the cult started adopting peculiar practices, the family decided it was time to break free. Their escape story is nothing short of a movie plot—they were smuggled into the United States on a trolley-filled freighter, landing in Englewood, Florida. There, they found refuge with Arlyn’s parents.

Post-cult escape, the family opted for a fresh start, symbolized by a name change from Bottom to Phoenix. Settling in California, their luck took a turn when a talent agent discovered the four Phoenix siblings, marking the beginning of their significant journey in the entertainment industry.

Jodean Bottom Favorite Things

MusicClassic rock, enjoys Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd
MoviesForrest Gump, Clerks
BooksEnjoys works by Hunter S. Thompson, J.D. Salinger
ActivitiesOutdoor activities (hiking, camping), passionate about yoga
CuisinePrefers Mexican food, especially tacos and burritos
DrinkFavorites include tea and coffee
ColorFavorite color is blue
ClothingDresses in simple, comfortable clothes like jeans and T-shirts

Jodean Bottom Hobbies

Outdoor ActivitiesLoves exploring new places, passionate about learning and discovering new cultures, people, and businesses, enjoys traveling to different cities and countries
SportsPlays volleyball, tennis, soccer, and basketball, regular fitness enthusiast
ReadingAvid reader of books by favorite authors
CookingEnjoys cooking and trying out new recipes
EntertainmentEnjoys listening to music, singing favorite songs, watching movies, and TV shows
PhotographyPassionate about photography, loves capturing landscapes, animals, and people

Jodean Bottom Net Worth

Jodean’s profession as a media personality and public figure is the main source of her income, with an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her career success has been aided by her roles in a number of TV series, films, and documentaries.

Adding to her wealth, Jodean is also a business owner, diversifying her sources of income. Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, her extensive involvement in charity work has not only earned her recognition but has also contributed to her overall financial standing.

Over the years, these various income channels have allowed Jodean to accumulate a commendable amount of wealth. It’s worth noting that her net worth includes the estate of her late brother, River Phoenix.

Final Words

Jodean Bottom, the half-sister of Hollywood stars Joaquin and the late River Phoenix, has a unique story marked by family complexities and personal achievements. At 59, she stands at 5’7″ and holds an estimated net worth of $1 million. From her media career to philanthropy, Jodean adds a distinctive chapter to the Phoenix family legacy, emphasizing privacy while making a positive impact.

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